Daily Sports Betting Preview 4/8/2020: Entertainment Betting and Belarusian Soccer

  • The Bearded Builders have even odds to take home the gold on Lego Masters.
  • The Frog has -150 odds to win the current season of The Masked Singer.
  • The Belarussian soccer league has not stopped and brings multiple games to the table today.

LOS ANGELES - The Daily Sports Betting Preview is once again back with things that are sports betting adjacent, as well as some actual sports betting.

As everyone is likely aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many sports leagues to shut down, which leaves sports bettors looking for other avenues to explore.

Many online sportsbooks are turning to entertainment betting. This edition of the preview discusses a couple of TV shows that people have been betting on.

Belarus hasn’t canceled their soccer league yet, and today is a matchday in the Vyshhaya Liga, so the Preview will also explore that opportunity.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Entertainment Betting Odds

With so much of the world shut down, entertainment and reality show betting is becoming a larger and larger part of the betting landscape, as sports bettors across the world look for an outlet for their betting ambitions.

Shows like Lego Masters and The Masked Singer are opportunities for futures bettors to place bets just like they would on who would win the Super Bowl.

This edition of the preview will take a look at the two shows, and discuss the odds for who will win each of them, starting with Lego Masters.

Lego Masters Futures Odds

Right now, on BetOnline’s sportsbook, the following futures odds for Lego Masters’ eventual winner are available for betting.

Lego Masters - Outright Winner:

  • The Bearded Builders (Boone & Mark) +100
  • The Newlyweds (Tyler & Amy) +170
  • The Eccentrics (Sam & Jessica) +350

Boone and Mark, the Bearded Builders, come in with the best odds to take the crown and are very close to being the odds on favorites to win the competition outright.

Their even odds slightly edge out the Newlyweds, Tyler and Amy, who have the second shortest odds at +170. The Eccentrics, Sam and Jessica, come in last, with +350 odds - they are the clear underdogs in this matchup.

Betting on this event closes at 5:00 p.m. EST on April 8, 2020, so it’s important that people get their bets in soon.

This importance is compounded by the fact that if the result leaks, any bets placed after that happens will be graded as “No Action” and not receive any money.

Masked Singer Winner’s Odds

The Masked Singer has returned for another season, and while there is a larger field than Lego Masters, interestingly, there is a favorite against the field.

Here are the current odds for who will win the Masked Singer, courtesy of BetOnline’s sportsbook.

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Odds To Win Masked Singer Season 3:

  • Frog -150
  • Night Angel +300
  • Kitty +600
  • Turtle +600
  • Astronaut +800
  • Kangaroo +800
  • Rhino +2500
  • Banana +5000

These odds are much more varied than the odds for Lego Masters were. It’s enough to make one wonder if the results are known to the sportsbooks.

The Frog is a favorite against the entire field, at -150, and no other contender is particularly close.

The Night Angel is +300, followed by the Kitty and the Turtle at +600. The biggest returns would come from betting on the Banana at +5000, but that seems risky. Frog came out with a strong performance right after Super Bowl 54 aired on TV and has dominated since.

Belarusian Premier League Soccer Betting

Soccer bettors will no doubt be familiar with the Belarusian Premier League, known as the Vysshaya Liga, at this point in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The league has kept up all play at the behest of the leader of the country, president Alexander Lukashenko.

There are two matches in the Belarusian league today, and the preview will focus on the later of the two, which airs at 12:30 p.m. EST.

In this match, Dinamo Brest takes on Shakhtior Soligorsk. The lines here are fairly interesting due to some quirks in how they were set.

As an example, the spread for the match is actually zero goals on Bovada’s sportsbook. That wasn’t a typo, the teams are handicapped at + and - 0.0 goals.

Brest +0 has -140 odds, while Soligorsk +0 has +105 odds - Brest is the better team, but not better enough to get the full half-point handicap, apparently.

On the moneyline, Brest is +150, while Soligorsk is +200 and a draw is +205.

This situation means that it is likely more profitable to bet on the teams on the moneyline, given that the spread is such that they wouldn’t cash for a draw anyway, and the numbers are better on the moneyline.

The over/under is set at a minuscule two goals - this is not expected to be a high scoring contest. The under is even favored here, with -135 odds, while the over has even odds at +100,

Overall, the Belarusian league has seen a much larger profile now that it is the only game in town, and that has not changed - it’s still the only game in town even if that town is located across the world.