Daily Sports Betting Preview 5/13/2020: Soccer Friendlies, NBA Sims, CS:GO Blast Rising

  • SFC Opava is a -140 favorite over SK Lisen in an all Czech friendly match today.
  • The simulated Cleveland Cavaliers are 8.5-point favorites over the simulated New York Knicks.
  • There are six matches in the round robin stage of the CS:GO Blast Rising competition today.

OPAVA, Czech Republic - Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview is a very interesting one.

First, in the Czech Republic, there are several soccer friendlies taking place today for the first time in a while.

Then, in NBA news, optimism is rising that the league might return before the end of the season, but for now, the only NBA betting available is simulated.

Finally, in esports news, the CS:GO Blast Rising competition brings six excellent matches to the betting slate for today.

Overall, it should be a great betting day. Let’s jump right in!

Czech Soccer Friendly Betting

Many sports are attempting an examination of a return amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and sports leagues in various countries are trying different things.

The Czech soccer league has approved a restart beginning on May 23rd, 2020, but some friendly matches take place today in advance of that date.

The most interesting of these friendly matches takes place today between SFC Opava and SK Lisen.

Both of these teams are competitors in the soon-to-be-restarted Czech league, and are looking to get their feet under them before the season officially resumes.

Opava is the favorites in this match, with -140 odds to win on the moneyline, while Lisen clock in with +280 odds.

A draw, for its part, has +310 odds, which puts it squarely behind both teams.

The Over/Under line for the match is set at 3.5 goals, but there is some shading towards the Over.

Over 3.5 goals has -130 odds, while Under 3.5 goals has +100 odds.

In essence, the match is expected to go over 3.5 goals, but not seen as likely enough to do that to move the line.

Overall, many sports fans are simply thankful that games like this exist, and they provide a welcome opportunity to get back in the swing of soccer betting.

NBA Sim Betting

There is growing optimism that the NBA Player’s Association may reach an agreement with the owners in order to continue the season.

As of right now, however, the only NBA betting available to daily sports bettors is the betting available on simulated NBA games.

Many sports have simulated betting available, and the NBA sims have evolved a bit since they first gained major prominence amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s how they work.

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First, the NBA sims on many major online sportsbooks tend to use NBA2k in order to simulate the game. This means that they are limited by 2k’s engine in terms of what they can provide.

For the purposes of this article, the simulations in question are being livestreamed on Twitch.tv, as many of them are.

Quarters are six minutes long, and the difficulty is set to Hall of Fame mode. This means that the scoring for many games is lower than the scoring the game would have had in real life.

One of today’s sim games is between the simulated New York Knicks and the simulated Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Cavs are 8.5 point favorites on the spread, and -450 on the moneyline.

The Knicks, of course, are 8.5 point spread underdogs, and have +300 odds on the moneyline.

The Over/Under line for the game is set at 98.5 points, which is a low mark even for the 2k sims - the lowest of the three simulated matches today.

Notably, there is no shading on any of these bets, only the vig is taken out. For example, both sides of the Over/Under line have -115 odds, and both sides of the spread have the same -115 odds.

Overall, until the NBA season officially resumes, NBA sims are a good way to keep busy and remain in the NBA betting mindset.

CS:GO Blast Rising Betting

There are six matches in the CS:GO Blast Rising competition today, and no time to mince words.

The first match pits Jalapeno against Movistar Riders, with Jalapeno positioned as the underdogs with +140 odds, while Movistar has -195 odds.

In the next match, Apeks takes on FATE Esports, and are heavily favored with -200 odds, while Fate has +145 odds.

The third match of the day features FATE taking on Movistar Riders, and Movistar are once again favored, this time with -300 odds, while Fate are +205 underdogs.

In the fourth match, Apeks takes on Jalapeno, in what appears to be a close match according to the sportsbooks. Apeks has -105 odds, while Jalapeno clocks in with -130 odds as the favorites.

In the fifth match of this round robin, Movistar Riders face off against Apeks, and are favored for their third time today, with -205 odds. Apeks has +150 odds in this contest.

Today’s final match takes place between Jalapeno and FATE, and features Jalapeno as -165 favorites over FATE, who have -120 odds.

Overall, CS:GO betting is in a great spot, and there are a lot of opportunities around the world for the aspiring bettor.