Daily Sports Betting Preview 5/18/2020: Masked Singer, PDC Home Tour, Tennis Exhibition

  • The Frog is still favored to win The Masked Singer, but by less than they used to be, with +110 odds to win it all.
  • Peter Wright is a big favorite in his two PDC Home Tour matches today.
  • Paolo Lorenzi is -689 to defeat Evan King in a tennis exhibition match today.

LAS VEGAS - Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview starts the work week off with a bang, as there is a lot to of betting to go around.

First, the Preview checks in with some entertainment betting, as it examines the reality TV show, The Masked Singer.

Then, the Preview examines the world of darts, as the PDC Home Tour provides several betting opportunities today.

Finally, the Preview takes a look at some of today’s tennis Exhibition Series matches to wrap everything up.

Overall, there’s a lot to discover, so let’s get started!

The Masked Singer Betting

The famous reality TV show The Masked Singer is rapidly hurtling towards a conclusion, with only three possible winners left.

Odds To Win Masked Singer Season 3

  • Frog +110
  • Turtle +150
  • Night Angel +275

The favorite to win the whole season remains The Frog, who has been favored for a while now.

However, since the last time the show was discussed here, the Frog’s odds to win have only gotten longer, moving from -125 a few weeks ago to +110 now.

As others have been eliminated, the odds on some of the Frog’s competition have gotten much shorter, with the Turtle moving from +450 odds to +150 odds to win in a matter of weeks.

The Night Angel, however, has the exact same odds to win the competition as they did on April 29th, 2020, which does not bode well for their chances.

Overall, the odds on the Frog have gotten longer as the odds on the Turtle have gotten longer, and it looks possible that the show comes down to a showdown between the two.

This means that it could be a good idea to get your entertainment bets in now!

PDC Home Tour Betting

The PDC Home Tour is another of the returning betting opportunities to be covered in this week's Preview.

The Home Tour is the solution that the PDC arrived at to how to deliver their product during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Home Tour takes place - you guessed it - from the homes of the players competing in it, over a live video feed.

Today’s most interesting PDC match takes place between Peter Wright and Adam Hunt and looks to be a truly exciting one.

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Wright is a big favorite in this one, with -833 odds to come away with the victory, while Hunt has +450 odds as the underdog.

The spread on the match also favors Wright, by 2.5, which is one of the larger spreads on the day. The only other match with a 2.5 spread or higher is Wright’s other match.

This is a pretty reasonable take from the online sportsbooks - Wright is the reigning world champion, after all - but there are some opportunities either betting on him or betting against him that could be rewarding.

The Over/Under line for this match is set at 6.5, which means the sportsbooks expect it to be over relatively quickly.

That is the lowest Over/Under line of the games being played today, including Wright’s other match.

Overall, this is an excellent time for sports bettors across the world to get into darts betting, and the PDC Home Tour is a good gateway to the darts betting world.

Tennis Exhibition Betting

Tennis, as a whole, has not made a major return yet, but there are still competitions that are happening all over the world.

Today’s highlighted competition is a group of exhibition games that comes to the sportsbooks by way of the Exhibition Series.

There are six matches available for bettors at many major online sportsbooks today, and the most interesting of these by far is the match between Evan King and Paolo Lorenzi.

In this match, Lorenzi is a monstrous favorite, meaning that bets on King can pay off big. Right now, Lorenzi’s odds are set at -689, which makes him today’s second-biggest favorite in the Exhibition Series.

As for King, he has +509 odds on the straight up moneyline, but where the match gets really interesting is the spread.

The sportsbooks think that a spread of 4 games should make the match more even, and have offered odds on that spread as well.

The Over/Under line for the match is set at 12 games, which means that the sportsbooks expect this one to be over relatively quickly.

The Over for the match has -113 odds while the Under for the match has -107 odds, reflecting, once again, that the public appears to back the general line as realistic.

Overall, this is a good betting opportunity, and it's nice to have tennis betting back, even for a little while.