Daily Sports Betting Preview 5/19/2020: Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball

  • Lukas Lev is a +145 underdog against Adam Zikmund in the Czech table tennis Pro League.
  • Sachia Vickery is an underdog (+155) against Taylor Townsend in a tennis exhibition match.
  • There are two interesting volleyball matches in the Russian South Pro league today.

LAS VEGAS - Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview once again highlights three different sports betting opportunities.

First, in the Czech Republic, the table tennis Pro League features several matches over the day, each representing an interesting betting opportunity.

Then, in tennis news, Sachia Vickery takes on Taylor Townsend in an exhibition match, with odds on both the match as a whole and the first set of the match.

Finally, in Russia, there are two volleyball matches to be played in the South Pro league, which wraps up the Preview for today.

Overall, a great betting day, so let’s jump right in!

Czech Table Tennis Betting

Today’s table tennis betting comes courtesy of the Pro League, which is a league located in the Czech Republic.

This is an early morning betting opportunity for most US-based sports bettors, as the last match of the day takes place at 12:30 p.m. EST.

That match features Lukas Lev taking on Adam Zikmund, in a showdown that sees Zikmund as a -205 favorite over Lev, who clocks in with +145 odds.

The match has an Over/Under total of 74.5, with each side of the Over/Under line having -120 odds.

Both Lev and Zikmund play multiple other matches today, with the format of the league involving round-robin play.

Lev is involved in the match that has the most lopsided odds on the day, as he faces off against Jan Zajicek at 11:00 a.m. EST.

Lev is the underdog in this match, and thus, today’s biggest underdog in the Pro League, with +270 odds to pull off the upset against Zajicek.

Zajicek boasts -425 odds to take the match against Lev, and the Over/Under line for this match is set at 71.5, which is one of the lowest totals on the day.

This total also serves to reflect the relative perceived dominance of Zajicek in this matchup - it implies that there will be a lower total because the match will be over sooner, presumably in Zajicek’s favor.

Overall, there are some close games and some not-so-close games in the Pro League today, but each game represents a unique table tennis betting opportunity.

Tennis Exhibition Betting

Tennis exhibitions have been coming back into vogue at this point in the COVID-19 pandemic.

While many tennis fans and tennis bettors have not had the opportunity to bet on the major tournaments, due to rescheduling, they have had the opportunity to bet on the various exhibition matches that have been taking place, especially recently.

Today’s match is another in the line of interesting tennis betting opportunities provided by the exhibition matches.

In this match, Sachia Vickery takes on Taylor Townsend and enters as the underdog.

Vickery has +155 odds on the moneyline, while Townsend clocks in with -215 odds to win the whole match.

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The spread for the match is set at +/- 3.5, in favor of Townsend. Townsend -3.5 has -125 odds, while Vickery +3.5 has -115.

One other aspect of betting on this match that is worth highlighting is that there are bets available on the first set only.

This is interesting due to the way the first set could set the tone for the rest of the sets in the match.

In the first set, Vickery’s odds are a little more favorable, at +140, while Townsend’s odds are a little longer, at -180.

The first set has a spread of +/-1.5, and that spread is an interesting one.

Vickery +1.5 in the first set has +120 odds to take the set, while Townsend -1.5 in the first set is -180.

That is quite interesting, given that Townsend’s moneyline odds in the first set are also set at -180.

In other words, bettors could bet on Townsend -1.5 in the first set at the same odds that they could bet on Townsend straight up - an interesting scenario.

Savvy tennis bettors will note that the handicapped bet is poor value and that a bet straight up at the same odds will result in more success on average.

Russian Volleyball Betting

The Russian South Pro volleyball league brings two matches to the table today, as the Black Wave takes on the Golden Eagles, and South Star takes on Phoenix.

Let’s break both of these matches down on the moneyline.

First up is the match between Black Wave and Golden Eagles, which looks to be a pretty close one as far as the major online sportsbooks are concerned.

Black Wave enters the match with -125 odds to come away the victory, while the Golden Eagles come in with -115 odds.

This indicates that Black Wave is the very slightest of favorites to win this match, as far as the sportsbooks can tell.

In the second match, favorite and underdog are a little bit more differentiated according to the moneyline odds.

In this match, South Star takes on Phoenix, and enters as a +120 underdog against the relatively favored Phoenix.

Phoenix enters the match with -165 odds to win it, and are the biggest favorite in these two matches.

This is not to say they are anything close to a lock to win, as -165 odds imply somewhere around a 62% chance to win.

Overall, these matchups are interesting betting opportunities for people who want to start betting on some more esoteric sports like volleyball.