Daily Sports Betting Preview 6/2/2020: Snooker, Golf, Darts

  • In snooker’s Championship League, Oliver Lines is a +500 underdog - twice.
  • In the Fore The Kids golf match, Zach Bauchou is a -130 favorite over Sam Stevens.
  • In the PDC Home Tour, there is a lot to be learned from the standardized spreads and totals bets available on many sportsbooks.

BLETCHLEY, U.K. - The Daily Sports Betting Preview is back, and the sports betting world is ready, as there is a lot to cover for the day.

First, the Preview examines the world of snooker betting, as there are a lot of great head to head matchups today.

Then, the Preview checks out the Fore The Kids golf match between Zach Bauchou and Sam Stevens.

Finally, the Preview examines the PDC Home Tour, which pits the best darts players in the world against each other - from home!

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

Snooker Betting

Snooker is an excellent sport for bettors to take advantage of, with a lot of ways to make money betting on the game.

Today, there are a large number of snooker matches set to be played in the Championship League, between players of varying skill levels with varying odds to win.

Today’s largest underdog is Oliver Lines - twice over. Lines in two matches today as a +500 underdog.

The first match is against Jack Lisowski, and while Lines, of course, is a +500 underdog on the moneyline, Lisowski is actually not a similarly heavy favorite.

Lisowski has -150 odds to win, while the odds for a draw are actually set at +200, above the odds for a Lines victory.

Lines’ second match where he is a +500 underdog is against Luca Brecel, and once again, while Lines is a heavy underdog, the favorite, Bresel, is not as heavily favored as one might think.

In this match, Bresel has odds of only -130, while a draw, once again, eats up a lot of the odds real estate, with +175 odds.

Basically, because the sportsbooks think that a draw seems likely, the favorites in both of these matches do not have the kind of odds that favorites tend to when the underdog is +500.

This provides interesting gambling opportunities because the underdog is, of course, lucrative, but betting on the favorite here could be a higher value proposition than normal, given how the odds are set up - as long as there isn’t a draw.

Regardless of how an individual snooker bettor decides to play it, these are definitely interesting betting lines.

Fore The Kids Betting

It has been relatively hard to find golf betting opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown.

This has led to the sportsbooks posting odds on whatever golf events they can find, from The Match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson to charity exhibition games.

The Fore The Kids golf tournament is a charity golf event, and this year, there is a showdown between Zach Bauchou and Sam Stevens.

Bauchou and Stevens, former teammates at Oklahoma State, are facing off in a charity golf event, for which there will be odds on many of the major sportsbooks.

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The odds for the match currently seem to favor Bauchou, the younger, but more decorated of the two golfers.

Right now, Bauchou is a -130 favorite on the moneyline, which makes him a very small favorite in the match.

Stevens, for his part, presents +100 odds, meaning that any bet on him will pay out exactly what was put in.

This is the only APT event that happens today, and golf bettors will be happy to have an event to bet on, especially one with such a close moneyline.

PDC Home Tour Betting

The PDC Home Tour is all set to go today, with matches taking place from 2:30 p.m. EST to 5:00 p.m. EST.

These matches take place in a round-robin format, wherein Scott Waites, Max Hopp, Carl Wilkinson, and Jonny Clayton all play each other today.

This allows PDC darts bettors to examine each player’s strengths and weaknesses in different matchups and situations.

Interestingly, every match that happens today has the same spread, +1.5 to the favorite.

The sportsbooks appear to be approaching the handicapping of snooker in a similar way that they approach the handicapping of hockey and esports - by applying a set spread to each match, and then letting the public decide.

For example, when Jonny Clayton takes on Carl Wilkinson, he is a -240 favorite, but the spread is still Wilkinson +1.5.

However, further odds are then applied to that spread. In the Clayton/Wilkinson match, Clayton -1.5 is still a favorite, at -144.

Wilkinson +1.5 is still an underdog, at +114.

In effect, the spread serves as an alternate line in these matches, whereas normally the spread is an attempt to get even action on both sides of a bet.

In addition, each of the matches today has an Over/Under line of 9.5, which is another interesting wrinkle, because each of those Over/Unders has slightly different odds.

For example, in the Clayton/Wilkinson match, the Over has +103 odds, and the Under has -133 odds, while in the showdown between Clayton and Hopp, the Over has -108 odds and the Under has -122 odds.

The shifting odds on the Over/Under lines reflect the perceived closeness of the matches. The more the Under is favored, the more likely the sportsbooks think it is that the match ends quickly, in dominating fashion.

There is a lot to glean from these betting odds, and PDC darts bettors should be aware of all of the information available to them.

Happy Betting!