Daily Sports Betting Preview 6/23/2020: Boxing, Tennis, and Short Hockey!

  • Andrew Moloney is a favorite in his fight against Joshua Franco, with odds anywhere from -347 to -400.
  • Liam Broady is a +177 odds underdog as he takes on Andy Murray in the Battle of the Brits.
  • The Russian Comet League provides a matchup between Zolotye Drakony and Chernye Grifony.

LONDON - Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview travels around the world to provide readers with the best betting opportunities.

First, in the world of boxing, the Preview takes a look at the fight between Andrew Moloney and Joshua Franco.

Then, in Tennis, the Battle of the Brits exhibition match brings bettors a match between Liam Broady and Andy Murray.

Finally, the Preview checks in with the Russian Comet League, a short hockey league that always has some interesting betting opportunities.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

Moloney vs. Franco Betting

The fight between Andrew Moloney and Joshua Franco takes place at 8:00 p.m. EST Tuesday and looks to be one of the best fights since boxing returned.

Andrew Moloney is currently the WBA Super Flyweight champion, making this fight a fight for the belt.

This fight will be the main event of tonight’s Top Rank Boxing card.

Moloney is a -347 favorite, while Franco is an underdog, with +277 odds.

It is worth noting that there are different odds available depending on which online sportsbook is used.

For example, the odds listed above came from BetOnline, but if one were to use Bovada’s odds, they would see Moloney as a -400 favorite and Franco as a +300 underdog.

Moloney is the favorite for a reason. He is the champion (although not the super champion), and he has never lost a fight, with a 21-0 record.

Franco is no slouch, however, with a career record of 16-1-2. The two draws come from his famous three fights with Oscar Negrete, against whom Franco is 1-0-2.

Overall, this fight looks like a great betting opportunity, and one of the more even fights available at the top of the Top Rank cards.

Battle Of The Brits Betting

With so many major tennis tournaments either delayed or wholly unavailable, the Battle of the Brits provides some much needed tennis betting action.

The exhibition tournament features several of the top-ranked British players from both singles and doubles action.

Of course, there are some concessions to COVID-19 that are necessary in order to keep people safe.

The matches today will be played with no fans in attendance, as seems to be the standard for sporting events these days.

Today’s highlighted match in the Battle of the Brits exhibition is between Liam Broady and Andy Murray.

Broady enters the match as an underdog, with +177 odds, while Murray, the favorite, clocks in with -207 odds.

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Right now, Broady is ranked 211th in the world, according to the ATP Tour rankings.

Murray, most famous as the man who used to be one of the best players in the world, is currently ranked 129th in the ATP rankings.

This is a battle between the older generation and the younger. It is often said that the sustained dominance of players like Nadal, Djokovic, Federer, and, for a time, Murray, has left an entire generation of players with no ability to ascend to the highest echelons of the sport.

At 26, Broady is part of that generation that has had to deal with the constant dominance of players like his opponent today.

Now, Murray is 33 by now, and no longer the player he once was, so a victory here would be largely symbolic, but still compelling.

Comet League Betting

Last but certainly not least, the Preview checks in with the Russian Comet League, a short hockey league that has become a favorite with many sports bettors in recent months.

The Comet League provides hockey action to those desperately missing the sport, as the COVID-19 pandemic has placed the NHL on hold for the time being.

The main difference between the Comet League and the NHL is the time per period. The Comet League is a short hockey league.

This means that each period is only ten minutes long, which is a significant difference.

One thing to note, though, is that this doesn’t seem to have a negative impact on scoring in the Comet League.

Over/Under lines for most Comet League matches tend to exceed 9 goals per game, which is a very healthy amount for 30-minute games.

Today’s highlighted Comet League match is between Zolotye Drakony and Chernye Grifony.

Drakony are extremely slight favorites, with +105 odds, while Grifony clock in with +145 odds on the moneyline.

A draw has +450 moneyline odds.

On the puck line, Drakony -1.5 has -153 odds, while Grifony +1.5 has -183 odds.

The Over/Under for goals in the game is set at 9.5, and there is extremely mild shading towards the Over.

The Over has -112 odds, while the Under has -108 odds.

There are a lot of great betting opportunities today, and the Comet League is certainly among them.

Happy Betting!