Daily Sports Betting Preview 6/26/2020: Juventus Props, AFL, Icons of Darts

  • Juventus face off against Lecce Friday, and the Preview looks at some prop bets for this one-sided match.
  • Port Adelaide Power have -160 odds against West Coast Eagles in the AFL.
  • Martin Adams has -240 odds to defeat Jarred Cole in the Icons of Darts event.

LAS VEGAS - Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview checks out three interesting sports betting opportunities from around the globe.

First, in Italy, Juventus takes on Lecce in Serie A action, and the Preview examines some of the prop betting action on this match.

Then, in Australia, Aussie Rules Football is back, and the Preview takes a look at the match between West Coast Eagles and Port Adelaide Power.

Finally, the Preview stops in with the world of darts, and the Icons of Darts event carries on today, with several interesting matches.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

Juventus vs. Lecce Prop Betting

Juventus are the undisputed kings of Italy, and have been for nearly the past decade straight, in addition to their historical dominance.

This year, they are only threatened by Lazio, and perhaps Inter Milan.

Juventus face off against Lecce, one of the worst teams in the league, in what looks set up to be a decidedly one-sided match.

Juventus vs Lecce

  • Juventus -750
  • Lecce +1650

However, there are plenty of available bets on this match beyond the obvious straight bets that are available at every major online sportsbook.

For example, a soccer bettor could wager on the odds for a team to win both halves of this match:

Serie A Prop To Win Both Halves

  • Juventus to win both halves: +100
  • Lecce to win both halves: +5000

Obviously it is relatively expected that Juventus dominate this game. Thus, their odds to win both halves of the match are basically completely even.

Lecce, on the other hand, would be lucky to win one half, let alone both, hence their astronomical odds.

One could also bet on the total number of corner kicks that will occur in the match, a result that is theoretically independent of the quality of the two teams but might not be so in practice.

Corner Kicks In Lecce Vs. Juventus

  • Over 11.5 -115
  • Under 11.5 -115

This is an interesting way to spice up what is definitely looking like a one-sided affair.

AFL Betting

Aussie Rules Football is back, and the AFL has an excellent match on tap today between West Coast Eagles and Port Adelaide Power.

On the moneyline, the match doesn’t look particularly uncompetitive, with fairly close odds between the two teams.

Aussie Football Moneyline

  • West Coast Eagles +140
  • Port Adelaide Power -160

The spread appears to be a little more in favor of Port Adelaide, as neither line offers an exciting sportsbook payout.

Aussie Football Spread

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  • West Coast Eagles +8.5 -105
  • Port Adelaide Power -8.5 -115

Port Adelaide is not only favored by 8.5 on the spread, but there is also some additional shading on that number in the form of the additional handicapping.

The Over/Under line for the game is also fairly interesting, in what looks to be a relatively close, competitive match.

Aussie Football Over-Under

  • Over 129.5 -110
  • Under 129.5 -110

A lot of the time, it can be hard for the sportsbooks to get their odds perfectly symmetrical when it comes to Over/Under betting.

However, for this match, they appear to have done it, with both Over 129.5 and Under 129.5 having -110 odds, making this bet effectively a pick ‘em.

Port Adelaide are at the top of the table right now, with a 3-0 record in the fresh AFL season, while West Coast are 1-2, but again, have only played three games.

There’s still a degree of uncertainty about what level these two teams actually play at, and this could be a good opportunity for West Coast to make a statement and knock off the top team in the league.

Icons Of Darts Betting

The Icons of Darts event is one of the best ways that darts bettors can wager on their favorite competitors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This event features several interesting matches today, but none are more interesting than the faceoff between Jarred Cole and Martin Adams.

As always, the place to start is the moneyline:

Icon Of Darts Moneyline

  • Jarred Cole +190
  • Martin Adams -240

Here, it is clear that Adams is a favorite by a significant margin. Adams is a legend, a multiple-time world champion, and is probably best known for captaining England for 20 years.

Cole, on the other hand, is young, only 19 years old, and looking to make a name for himself in this exhibition event.

It’s not surprising that Adams is favored, given his resume, but it is worth remembering that “Wolfie” isn’t the player he once was.

On the spread, these matches seem to have the handicapping of a puck line, where the favorite gets a -1.5 handicap, and then wagers are taken on that.

This effectively turns spread betting into an alternate line, and is an interesting way to bet on darts.

Icon Of Darts Spread

  • Jarred Cole +1.5 (+114)
  • Martin Adams -1.5 (-144)

Even this handicap isn’t enough to swing the matchup in Cole’s favor, with Cole +1.5 boasting only +114 odds.

Meanwhile, Wolfie still looks set to eat an easy win in this matchup, even with a -1.5 handicap, with -144 odds.

There are plenty of matches to take a look at in the Icons of Darts event, and it looks to be a great way to stay involved with mobile betting during the pandemic.

Happy Betting!