Daily Sports Betting Preview 6/4/2020: PDC Home Tour, Tennis LiveScore Cup, Snooker Championship League

  • In the PDC Home Tour, Nathan Aspinall is a -173 favorite against Joe Cullen.
  • In the tennis LiveScore Cup, Barbora Strycova (-153) and Katerina Siniakova face off.
  • In the Snooker Championship league, Mark Selby is a heavy favorite in his matches today.

LAS VEGAS - Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview covers three sports betting opportunities from three separate sports.

First, in the world of darts, the PDC Home Tour continues today with several great matches to bet on.

Then, as the tennis world inches closer to a full resumption of the sport, exhibition matches continue to be available for bettors to take advantage of.

Finally, the Snooker Championship League brings several matches to the table today, and runs for most of the morning and afternoon.

PDC Home Tour Betting

The PDC Home Tour continues today, as the PDC’s elegant solution to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shutdowns has proven to be a hit amongst sports bettors.

There are six matches in the PDC Home Tour today, starting at 2:30 p.m. EST, so it should make for an excellent afternoon betting opportunity.

The PDC Home Tour is currently in a round-robin stage, wherein each day has consisted of four competitors, all of whom play each other.

Today’s competitors are Rob Cross, Joe Cullen, Nathan Aspinall, and Jonny Clayton.

Each of the matches is handicapped in a similar way. First, the moneyline is set based on the major online sportsbooks predictions of the match.

Then, a spread of -1.5 is applied to the favorite, and odds are then taken on that. Finally, an Over/Under line of 9.5 is set, and odds are then taken on that as well.

The most interesting of the matches between these four, from a betting perspective, is likely the one between Joe Cullen and Nathan Aspinall.

On the moneyline, Aspinall is a -173 favorite in the match, which relegates Cullen to underdog status at +153.

The spread, as discussed, is set at Aspinall -1.5, which has -105 odds, while Cullen +1.5 has -125 odds.

The Over/Under line of 9.5 has a bit of shading towards the Under, with Under 9.5 having -126 odds, and Over 9.5 having -104 odds.

This reflects, to some degree, that Aspinall is favored enough that the online sportsbooks expect the match to end before that Over is hit.

Tennis LiveScore Cup Betting

Tennis betting has been a bit hard to come by as of late, with most of the offerings coming in the form of exhibition matches.

Today is a little bit different. There is a genuinely good match to be had today between Barbora Strycova and Katerina Siniakova.

This match is part of the LiveScore Cup, and starts at 12:00 p.m. EST.

In the match, Strycova is a fairly significant favorite, as far as tennis betting goes, with -153 odds on the moneyline, and a -2 handicap on the spread.

For her part, Siniakova has +133 odds on the moneyline, and a +2 handicap on the spread.

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The spread bears some further examination, as there are additional odds on it beyond just the handicap.

Strycova -2 has -118 odds, while Siniakova +2 has -102 odds. This means that the spread of +/-2 games might not actually be enough to encompass the gap between the two competitors.

The Over/Under for the match is set at 21, and there is some shading on that line such that the Over has -108 odds while the Under has -112 odds.

Strycova is currently ranked 31st in the WTA rankings, while Siniakova is ranked 54th.

That said, Strycova is more than a decade older than Siniakova, and this could be an opportunity for the younger competitor to vault upwards in the eyes of tennis bettors everywhere.

Snooker Championship League Betting

The Snooker Championship League has become a stable betting opportunity, offering games on most days for significant periods of time.

This means that it is the kind of betting opportunity that rewards a deep dive if a given snooker bettor has the time to do so.

There are matches all day today, starting at 10:00 a.m. EST, and going until well after 3:00 p.m. EST.

There are two matches every hour, which puts the total for matches in the Championship League today at 12.

When it comes to the odds on these matches, one of them sticks out as having notably lopsided odds.

This is the match between Lee Walker and Mark Selby.

This match sees Walker as a +900 underdog, while Selby boasts favorites odds of -225, and a draw has +240 odds.

In one of Selby’s other matches on the day, the pattern repeats itself. This second match is against Joe O’Connor.

In this match, O’Connor is a +800 underdog, while Selby is a favorite in a similar manner to the first match, with -200 odds.

A draw in this match has +220 odds.

Selby is one of the very best players in the world, although he has fallen from the great heights he reached earlier in his career.

Selby, known as The Jester From Leicester (it’s pronounced les-ter), has won three world championships and was the number one ranked player in the world for more than four years.

These odds are not necessarily a surprise, but they are quite compelling.