Daily Sports Betting Preview 7/10/2020: La Liga, Australian NRL, Czech Table Tennis

  • Real Madrid, sporting -500 odds, look to take a commanding lead in La Liga with a victory over Alaves.
  • The Penrith Panthers are -195 on the moneyline to defeat the Cronulla Sharks in Australia’s NRL.
  • There is a trio of interesting betting odds in the Czech Liga Pro table tennis competition.

LAS VEGAS - Welcome to this Friday edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview, where three excellent betting opportunities are covered on a daily basis.

Today, the Preview starts out by looking at the odds and props on the match between Real Madrid and Alaves in La Liga.

Then, in Australia’s NRL, the Preview takes a look at the match between the Cronulla Sharks and the Penrith Panthers.

Finally, for all of the volume bettors out there, the Preview examines the Czech Liga Pro, the Czech Republic’s table tennis competition.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

Real Madrid vs. Alaves Props

Real Madrid are set to face off against Alaves today, in a clash that could go a long way towards locking up the league for Real Madrid.

Right now, Real Madrid are heavy favorites to win the league. They are one point ahead of rivals Barcelona, but have played one less game than their counterparts.

This game against Alaves is that game in hand - and it is a game that Real Madrid both need to win, and are likely to win.

2020 La Liga Winner

  • Real Madrid -1200
  • FC Barcelona +750

A big reason that they are so favored at this point is this game against Alaves - they should win it, and the sportsbooks know it.

Madrid vs. Alaves Moneyline

  • Real Madrid -500
  • Alaves +1400
  • Draw +575

The odds certainly favor Madrid in this match, although they are less favored to win this match than they are to win the league.

If they lose this match, they’ll still be one point ahead of Barcelona, and each team will have three matches remaining.

As far as props on this match, there is one that sticks out.

Total Corners O/U - Real Madrid 6.5

  • Over +100
  • Under -135

Real Madrid’s Over/Under line for corners in the match is set at 6.5 corners. Since the restart of the season in mid-June, Madrid have played three La Liga matches.

In those matches, they have only broken 6.5 corners one time, against Valencia, in a match where they absolutely dominated possession with 63% possession.

However, the last time they played Alaves, they had 9 corners on only 45% possession, so this one feels like a very interesting bet for soccer bettors.

NRL Betting Preview

Australia’s NRL is one of the most compelling sports leagues around, and today, the Preview is set to look at a matchup between two good teams in the NRL.

The Penrith Panthers currently sit in second place in the NRL, with a record of 6-1-1, but a relatively mediocre point differential.

The Cronulla Sharks, meanwhile, clock in at eighth place, with a 4-4 record, although they have won four of their last five matches.

Penrith Panthers vs. Cronulla Sharks Betting

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  • Panthers -195
  • Sharks +165

On the moneyline, the odds reflect the standings - the Panthers are significantly favored, although not overwhelmingly so.

The Panthers seem like they should be able to win this match, despite Cronulla’s recent run of good form.

Even though there are some signs that the Panthers record might be overperforming their actual skill (their point differential is half that of the team in first place, and a third of the point differential of the team in third), respect must be paid to their results.

Penrith Panthers vs. Cronulla Sharks Spread

  • Panthers -4 -120
  • Sharks +4 -105

There is some shading to be noted on this spread at online sportsbooks. The spread itself is +/-4, but the Panthers appear to be a betting favorite on that spread.

The game looks very compelling, and starts at 1:00 a.m. EST in the morning of July 11, so east coast bettors should get their bets in now, while west coast bettors might be able to watch it live!

Czech Table Tennis Liga Pro Betting

The Czech Liga Pro is one of the better volume betting plays around, and the Preview always likes to highlight possible volume plays.

Volume betting is important because one way to be profitable at sports betting is to make a lot of relatively smaller wagers, and try to win around 56% of them or more.

This is a fairly common strategy, but, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be hard to find the right betting opportunities.

The Czech table tennis scene is localized to the Liga Pro, which today hosts more than 10 separate table tennis matches.

The matches started at 10:00 a.m. and run the whole day - the last match starts at 4:30 p.m. EST.

Most of the betting on these matches is going to be simple moneyline betting - there aren’t enough eyes on them to justify more from the sportsbooks.

That said, there are some interesting moneylines available on the day. One thing that bettors could keep an eye on are variance in head to head matchups.

The competition is played in a round robin format, which means that players face common opponents every so often.

Czech Liga Pro Table Tennis Odds

  • Petr Bradach -142 vs. Matous Klimenta +112
  • Karel Brozhik -112 vs. Petr Bradach -118
  • Karel Brozhik +513 vs. Matous Klimenta -713

One can look at the common opponents to judge whether or not the odds are correct.

For example, Petr Bradach is about the same level of favored against both Karel Brozhik and Matous Klimenta.

However, when Brozhik and Klimenta face off, Klimenta is absurdly favored.

This trio of matches is well worth keeping an eye on as far as table tennis betting goes.

Happy Betting!