Daily Sports Betting Preview 7/17/2020: The Memorial, MLS Tournament, Tennis Exhibitions

  • The Memorial is on Day 2, which means there are some new and interesting three ball pairings to wager on.
  • Sporting KC is a -101 favorite over the Colorado Rapids in the MLS tournament.
  • Kiki Bertens has -190 odds in her exhibition match against Anastasija Sevastova.

LAS VEGAS - Today is Friday, which means that this is the last Daily Sports Betting Preview of the week!

Today’s Preview starts out with an examination of some of the three ball betting available on the PGA’s Memorial Tournament.

Then, the Preview takes a look at the MLS, where several games take place this evening.

Finally, the Preview takes a look at the Bett1 Aces women’s tennis exhibition match, which pits two very good players against each other.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

PGA Three Ball Betting

The PGA is back, and this week’s PGA event marks the return of a fan favorite golfer: Tiger Woods.

Woods has been absent from the tour for a while, and his return yesterday was an alright one, although it did not put him at the top of the standings.

Today’s featured three ball pairing features some golfers who are towards the top of the standings, however.

DeChambeau / Cantlay / Morikawa

  • Bryson DeChambeau +150
  • Patrick Cantlay +155
  • Collin Morikawa +230

Bryson DeChambeau heads this group, with +150 odds to win this pairing, while Patrick Cantlay’s +155 odds see him just behind.

At the back of the group is Colin Morikawa, who has +230 odds to take the win in this three ball betting group.

There is one other three ball betting group worth mentioning as well.

Thomas / Johnson / Schauffele

  • Justin Thomas +110
  • Xander Schauffele +220
  • Dustin Johnson +225

In this group, Justin Thomas is a heavy favorite, with +110 odds to win it, with both Xander Schauffele and Dustin Johnson bringing up the rear at +220 and +225 respectively.

Both of these groups are compelling PGA betting opportunities, but there are many more at the major online sportsbooks.

MLS Is Back Tournament Betting

The MLS has returned as well, and today marks slightly over a week since the league reopened its doors in Orlando, Florida.

The setup of the league has been changed for this season due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on schedules.

The league is now taking place in the form of a tournament, which is an interesting aspect of play that must be taken into account.

The tournament looks a lot like a World Cup - teams are separated into groups, and compete within those groups, with the best teams in the Group Stage moving on to the knockout rounds.

Tonight’s featured match is between Sporting Kansas City and the Colorado Rapids and looks to be a good one.

KC vs. Rapids Betting Moneyline

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  • Sporting KC -101
  • Colorado Rapids +275
  • Draw +255

On the moneyline, Kansas City looks significantly like the better team. They have -101 odds, which are more or less even odds, while both the Rapids and a Draw have odds over +200.

This would seem to imply that there will be a spread below one goal - KC’s odds to win seem roughly similar to the odds for Colorado to win plus the odds for a draw.

Let’s check out the spread:

KC vs. Rapids Betting Spread

  • Sporting KC -0.5 (-107)
  • Colorado Rapids + 0.5 (-113)

This spread makes a lot of sense in the context of the above moneyline. KC doesn’t seem good enough to be favored by a goal, but they’re clearly good enough to be favored.

The shading on this spread indicates that there has been some small movement in the odds towards the Rapids.

Soccer bettors would be wise to take this information into account.

Tennis Exhibition Betting

Tennis bettors have been starved for content for a while, as the major tennis tours have not started up yet.

Both the WTA and the ATP are set to restart play in August, which means that there are several more weeks at least without professional level tennis play.

However, this problem isn’t as bad as it seems - there are some great exhibition matches for tennis fans to get their fix.

Today’s match comes from the Bett1 Aces event, which pits two good players against each other in an exhibition.

Bett1 Aces Women’s Match Betting

  • Kiki Bertens -190
  • Anastasija Sevastova +165

This match features Kiki Bertens facing off against Anastasija Sevastova, in a matchup of top 50 players in the world.

Bertens is currently ranked seventh, while Sevastova clocks in with a ranking of 43rd.

The odds do favors Bertens, but not by as much as one might think that they would. Bertens is a -190 favorite, while Sevastova clocks in with respectable +165 odds.

One thing to note here is that the two women have had vastly different 2020 seasons so far, although neither has played an overwhelming amount of matches.

Bertens is 12-3 in her 15 matches so far, while Sevastova is 1-6 in her seven matches so far.

This match promises to be a great one for those who enjoy betting on tennis and easily is a professional quality matchup.

Happy Betting!