Daily Sports Betting Preview 7/20/2020: World TeamTennis, Liga Pro, ISBL Betting

  • In World TeamTennis, the Philadelphia Freedoms have -249 odds as the favorites against the Springfield Lasers.
  • In the Czech table tennis Liga Pro, the Preview examines the matches of Tomek Batog.
  • In the ISBL, Hapoel Holon have notable underdog odds to Hapoel Gilboa Galil.

LAS VEGAS - Welcome to this Monday edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview, where three excellent betting opportunities are on the table.

First, in the world of tennis, the World TeamTennis matches bring an interesting tennis betting opportunity to bettors.

Then, moving from tennis to table tennis, the Czech table tennis Liga Pro provides some volume betting opportunities.

Finally, in the Israeli Super Basketball League, Hapoel Holon face off against Hapoel Gilboa Galil to try to make it to the final four.

World TeamTennis Betting

The World TeamTennis competition was started in 1973, and features various formats of tennis, and has been the first tennis league to return amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The WTT reopened on July 12th and plans to play the entirety of its season at The Greenbrier, an exceedingly famous location.

Normally, each of the teams has a home stadium, of sorts, located in or near their namesake city.

However, due to the pandemic, such plans were not feasible, and the games’ location had to be centralized. The Greenbrier seemed to be a logical choice.

Today’s featured matchup from the WTT pits the Springfield Lasers against the Philadelphia Freedoms.

Lasers vs. Freedoms

  • Springfield Lasers +209
  • Philadelphia Freedoms -249

The Freedoms are serious favorites here, and it’s not a surprise to see that. The Freedoms have been a dominant team in the league for a while now.

2020 has not changed much so far - they’re 4-1, while the Lasers are 1-4, and this trend shows no signs of reversing.

The WTT is set up such that the top four teams make the playoffs, and the Freedoms are in first place in that race right now.

The Lasers, meanwhile, are actually the worst team in the league by record, with no other team having a record below 2-3.

In other words, this is a first vs. worst matchup, and the odds reflect that.

Tennis bettors are faced with the choice between wagering on the heavy favorite at mildly prohibitive odds, or taking a shot on the underdog at around 2:1.

Czech Table Tennis Betting

In the world of table tennis, not entirely dissimilar from the world of tennis, there are several great betting opportunities today.

As always, table tennis tends to be valuable as a volume betting opportunity, as there are a lot of different matches happening on any given day.

Today, the Preview focuses on the Czech Liga Pro, which provides some excellent volume betting opportunities all on its own.

Tomek Batog vs. Daniyel Salomon

  • Batog, Tomek +245
  • Salomon, Daniyel -320

In this matchup, Tomek Batog is a serious underdog, at +245 to win it out right. Daniyel Salomon, on the other hand, is a notable favorite.

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One way to approach betting on these matches if one is unaware of the players involved is to take a look at some of the other matches the player is involved in.

Tomek Batog vs. Karel Brozhik

  • Batog, Tomek +157
  • Brozhik, Karel -197

Once again, Tomek Batog is a serious underdog in this match, with +157 odds, whereas opponent Karel Brozhik has -197 odds to win it.

Let’s see if this pattern holds up with Batog’s other game today.

Tomek Batog vs. Yan Mechl

  • Batog, Tomek +206
  • Mechl, Yan -266

Once again, Batog is an underdog, this time at +206, while Yan has -266 odds. Table tennis bettors have the option of fading Batog in all of these matches, or in hoping that his relatively long odds could pay off for them.

Israeli Super Basketball League Odds

The Israeli Super Basketball League is well into its playoff rounds at this point, and in fact, the match on the table today is being played for a spot in the final four.

The winner of this match will advance to the final four, while the loser will be eliminated, so this quite an important match.

The competitors are Hapoel Holon and Hapoel Gilboa Galil, both teams that were not massive favorites coming into the tournament.

Holon were the fourth place team during the regular season, although that makes them sound a bit better than they actually were.

Due to the top heaviness of the league, Holon managed to achieve fourth place with a record of 12-10, and a negative point differential overall.

Gilboa Galil, on the other hand, finished tenth in the league, with a record of 9-13 in the regular season.

The odds, however, do not reflect this differential.

Holon vs. Gilboa Galil Spread

  • Hapoel Holon +8.5
  • Gilboa Galil -8.5

Holon are 8.5 point underdogs, despite, as the higher ranked team, starting the game up 1-0. Gilboa Galil are serious favorites, as an 8.5 point spread is not a joke in a match where the Over/Under for total points is set at 160.5.

The moneyline also reflects this relative order.

Holon vs. Gilboa Galil Moneyline

  • Hapoel Holon +288
  • Gilboa Galil -368

Holon, once again, appear to be serious underdogs, with +288 odds to win, while Gilboa Galil boast significant -368 odds as the favorites.

This looks to be a compelling game for basketball betting purposes, and should be a good one on the court as well.

Happy Betting!