Daily Sports Betting Preview 7/25/2020: PGA 3M Open, MLB Betting, PDC World Matchplay

  • The PGA’s 3M betting continues today, and the Preview takes a look at a great three-ball matchup.
  • The Los Angeles Angels have +130 odds against the Oakland Athletics.
  • There are two great matchups in the PDC’s World Matchplay competition.

LAS VEGAS - Welcome to this Saturday edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview, where we cover three excellent betting opportunities.

Today, the Preview will discuss the 3M Open’s third round three-ball pairings, which have some hidden gems.

Then, the Preview turns to MLB, as the Saturday brings many games to the table.

Finally, the Preview checks out some PDC World Matchplay games, as the darts world continues to move forward.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

3M Open 3 Ball Betting

The PGA’s 3M open continues today, and, as always, one of the best ways to wager on golf is to take a look at the three-ball pairings.

Betting on these pairings is simple - the sportsbooks place odds on who will finish the best out of the three golfers, and bettors place wagers on those they think will win.

This can be a consideration of who is the best golfer, who is having the best tournament, or who is underrated by the public.

Let’s take a look at a good three-ball betting opportunity!

Thompson / Werenski / Finau

  • Tony Finau +115
  • Richy Werenski +190
  • Michael Thompson +250

Each of the modes of analysis can be applied to this betting line, which is a contest between Tony Finau, Richy Werenski and Michael Thompson.

Finau is ranked 17th in the world right now, while Werenski and Thompson are both below 200th.

However, these are the three players atop the leaderboard at the 3M so far.

Thompson and Werenski are sitting at -12, while Finau sits at -11.

Finally, given the relative fame of the group, PGA bettors can also consider whether Finau’s odds are being overrated, given that he is by far the most famous.

There’s a lot to consider for each of the betting odds here, and PGA wagerers should consider all of them.

MLB Betting

The MLB is back, and there are a lot of excellent games to examine. That said, our featured matchup is quite interesting.

This matchup is between the Los Angeles Angels and the Oakland Athletics and looks to be seriously compelling.

Los Angeles Angels vs. Oakland Athletics

  • Angels +130
  • A’s -141

The A’s do not have the best player in this game - that honor goes to Mike Trout of the Angels - but they are nonetheless significantly favored.

This is, surely, in some way due to the fact that the Angels could be without their star offseason signing, Anthony Rendon.

Dylan Bundy takes the mound for the Angels, while Sean Manaea steps up to pitch for the A’s.

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Bundy is an average at best starting pitcher, with an ERA last season of 4.79, and a WHIP of 1.35.

Manaea is looking to make a serious return to a full pitching schedule after only pitching a few games last season, due to arthroscopic surgery, but definitely appears to be the better pitcher involved.

Los Angeles Angels vs. Oakland Athletics Totals

  • Over 9 -110
  • Under 9 -110

The game is expected to be a fairly average game in terms of scoring, with an Over/Under line set at 9.

Both sides of the bet are given -110 odds, which means that the bettors wagering on this seem to think the line is roughly appropriate.

There are a lot of different bets that MLB bettors can wager on, and the online sportsbooks have all of the odds.

PDC Betting Odds

The PDC is set to continue World Matchplay with two games today, as Dmitri Van Der Bergh faces off against Glen Durrant, and Michael Smith takes on Gary Anderson.

Let’s take a look at both matchups in the darts world.

Dmitri Van Der Bergh vs. Glen Durrant

  • Van Der Bergh +146
  • Durrant -166

Durrant is a serious favorite in this matchup, with -166 odds to take the victory here.

For his part, Van Der Bergh clocks in with +146 odds, which are respectable against an opponent with the quality of Durrant.

Dmitri Van Der Bergh vs. Glen Durrant

  • Van Der Bergh +2.5 -126
  • Durrant -2.5 -104

Van Der Bergh is a 2.5 point underdog in this matchup, and the shading on the line has moved toward his side of the spread.

Michael Smith vs. Gary Anderson

  • Smith -110
  • Anderson -110

This match apparently needs no handicapping. Both Smith and Anderson have -110 odds to win this match.

The spread, however, looks pretty interesting given the context that the moneyline has both at -110.

Michael Smith vs. Gary Anderson

  • Smith +1.5 -115
  • Anderson -1.5 -115

This almost seems like an oversight, but it seems that wagerers on Smith can effectively get 1.5 (nearly) free points.

These odds were found on BetOnline’s sportsbook, and certainly seem interesting for darts bettors.

Happy Betting!