Daily Sports Betting Preview 7/8/2020: LVP LoL, Ukraine Table Tennis, NRL Betting

  • Team Queso are heavy underdogs against Vodafone Giants, with +345 odds to win their match in the LVP today.
  • The Ukraine Win Cup provides a monstrous volume betting opportunity - more than 40 separate matches take place today.
  • The North Queensland Cowboys are 12.5-point underdogs to the Sydney Roosters in the NRL.

LAS VEGAS - Welcome to today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview, wherein three excellent betting opportunities are reviewed.

First, in the world of Spanish League of Legends, the Preview takes a look at today’s matches in the LVP.

Then, in Ukraine, the Table Tennis Win Cup brings a ton of matches to the betting table today, with excellent volume plays available.

Finally, the Preview takes a look at the NRL, the rugby league competition centered in Australia, as Sydney takes on North Queensland.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

LVP League Of Legends Betting

The LVP is the Spanish regional circuit for League of Legends, and features some excellent teams.

The winner of each season of the LVP qualifies for EU Masters, which is the second rung of the European League of Legends, just below the LEC.

Today’s LVP match to look at is between Team Queso and Vodafone Giants, so let’s take a look at the odds!

Team Queso vs. Vodafone Giants

  • Team Queso +345
  • Vodafone Giants -575

Vodafone Giants are the best esports team in the LVP as of right now, if you look at their record. The team boasts a 6-1 record that sets them apart from every other team in the league.

Given this, it makes sense that they would be favored against most of the other teams in the league, to a greater or lesser degree.

Team Queso, meanwhile, are off to a rough start in the Summer Split. In the Spring Split, they finished fifth, with a 9-9 record.

However, in this Summer Split, the team is 2-5 in their seven games played so far, tied for eighth place in the league.

Queso are significant underdogs in this battle, and it makes sense seeing them with these odds given their form as of late.

Giants have traditionally been one of the best teams in the league, finishing the Spring Split with a 15-3 record, so this dip in form from Queso is the best explanation for the odds.

Overall, this looks to be a game where Queso could step up and make a statement, but the best online sportsbooks don’t seem to think that is very likely.

Ukraine Win Cup Betting

The Ukraine Win Cup is perhaps the single most high volume betting opportunity that this column has ever covered.

Table Tennis is known in the betting community, and especially in this column, as a high volume betting opportunity.

However, the Win Cup brings that to new heights, with more than 40 matches set to be played over the course of today.

Obviously, the Preview cannot cover 42 separate matches, so it will focus on one, between Elshad Yusunov and Alexei Rodin.

Let’s start out by looking at the spread!

Elshad Yusunov vs. Alexei Rodin Spread

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  • Elshad Yunusov +7.5 (-105)
  • Alexei Rodin -7.5 (-125)

The spread for this match is set at 7.5, which is a fairly significant spread, one of the higher ones in today’s competition.

This is a simple point spread, wherein one is wagering on how many points the victory will be by, in total.

Rodin is the one expected to win, thus, he receives a -7.5 point handicap, and even some shading on top of that at -125 on that handicap.

On the moneyline, Rodin is still a big favorite.

Elshad Yusunov vs. Alexei Rodin Moneyline

  • Elshad Yunusov +250
  • Alexei Rodin -345

Rodin’s -345 odds are some of the most prohibitive of the day’s betting odds in the Win Cup, while Yusunov’s +250 seem inviting.

This must, of course, be balanced against the fact that the major online sportsbooks seem to think that Yusunov has a very slim chance.

NRL Betting Odds

The NRL is back, and with it comes great rugby betting opportunities. The NRL is, of course, a Rugby League, not a rugby union, so novice rugby bettors should keep that in mind.

The match to discuss in the NRL starts at 5:50 a.m. EST tomorrow, so for many bettors, today is the day to get bets in.

The match is between the Sydney Roosters and the North Queensland Cowboys, two teams worth knowing.

The Roosters are currently the two-time champions of the NRL, having won in both 2018 and 2019.

Right now, however, they are 5-3 in the current season, good for fifth place - a disappointing start from the champions.

The Cowboys, however, are doing even worse, in 11th place in the league, with a record of 3-5.

Let’s take a look at the odds.

Sydney Roosters vs. North Queensland Cowboys Moneyline

  • Roosters -500
  • Cowboys +375

The Roosters are significant favorites on the moneyline, with -500 odds to win the game outright, while the Cowboys are +375 to snatch a victory from the champions.

Sydney Roosters vs. North Queensland Cowboys Moneyline

  • Roosters -12.5
  • Cowboys +12.5

On the spread, the Roosters have a -12.5 handicap, which, in Rugby League terms, means that they can score two tries with two completed conversions more than the Cowboys, and still not cover the spread.

Overall, it looks like the spread on this match makes for a very compelling rugby betting opportunity.

Happy Betting!