Daily Sports Betting Preview 8/27/2020: PDC, Caribbean Premier League, Czech Liga Pro

  • Daryl Gurney is a +290 underdog to Peter Wright in one of the most important darts matches of his career.
  • The Guyana Amazon Warriors have +113 underdog odds to the Trinbago Night Riders.
  • The Czech Liga Pro provides some volume betting opportunities on this Thursday.

LAS VEGAS - Today’s Daily Sports Betting Preview is going to be a bit different from others in recent days, although it will take the same form.

This is due to the recent athlete strikes in protest of the shooting of Jacob Blake by the Kenosha, WI police.

The strikes shut down the NBA yesterday, and there remains doubt about whether or not the season will be able to continue. The strikes spread into MLB, as well as the MLS, and even affected the world of Tennis after Naomi Osaka announced her intent not to play.

For this reason, today’s Preview focuses on sports that are still ongoing, which necessarily rules out many of the major US sports.

It starts out with some PDC action, as the darts competition continues today with some great matchups.

Then, the Caribbean Premier League has an excellent game that the Preview will take a look at today.

Finally, in the world of table tennis, the Czech Liga Pro features several matches today for the volume bettors amongst the readership.

There’s a lot to cover, despite current events, so let’s get started!

PDC Betting

This PDC event holds some serious significance to the players involved. The player who is sitting in ninth place after it is done will be eliminated from the PDC Premier League. Right now, there are three competitors who can reasonably end up in that ninth place slot, all of whom play tonight.

These three are Gerwyn Price, Rob Cross, and Daryl Gurney.

None of them actually play against each other tonight, with Price facing off against Jermaine Wattimena, Gurney playing against Peter Wright, and Cross battling Glen Durrant.

The results of these matches will determine who gets eliminated from the Premier League.

The interesting aspect of these possible relegations is that the score of the matches will matter - according to the PDC itself, Cross “enters his Judgement Night clash with table-topper Glen Durrant needing at least a draw to put the pressure on Gurney.”

Meanwhile “Price needs just one leg from his tie with Challenger Jermaine Wattimena to ensure his place in the second half of the season.”

Gurney faces off against Peter Wright, one of the most well-known players on the PDC Tour, and that is potentially the most interesting of the matchups.

Daryl Gurney vs. Peter Wright

  • Daryl Gurney +290
  • Peter Wright -149
  • Draw +350

Wright is a huge favorite, which is bad news for Gurney if the other two players manage to perform in their matchups.

Gurney is a bigger underdog in this matchup than his fellow bottom of the table compatriots are in theirs, which poses a serious problem for him.

It seems as though he could have the toughest player to overcome in one of the most pivotal matches of his career. This matchup is certainly worth examining as far as darts betting goes.

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Caribbean Premier League Betting

Tonight in the cricket Caribbean Premier League, the Guyana Amazon Warriors face off against the Trinbago Night Riders.

The Night Riders are the best team in the Caribbean Premier League so far this year, and have won all four of their matches.

The Amazon Warriors, meanwhile, sit in fourth place out of six, and have a 2-3 record, as they have played one more match than the Night Riders.

Tribago Night Riders vs. Guyana Amazon Warriors

  • Night Riders -133
  • Amazon Warriors +113

These are some pretty interesting odds at online betting sites. The Night Riders are favored, but not by as much as one might think given their undefeated status.

It’s a bit hard not to look at an undefeated team getting only -133 odds and not slap a bet down on them.

This matchup certainly is interesting for cricket bettors, and those bettors should have a good chance to get some decent odds on the Night Riders here.

Czech Liga Pro Betting

The Czech Liga Pro is a bit of an old friend of the column. This table tennis competition is known for providing solid volume betting opportunities to sports bettors around the globe.

Volume betting is an important aspect of profitability in sports betting. This is because sports betting is a volume game.

Basically, the more volume you have in the market, the better you’re able to manage your bankroll.

You have to win about 56% of your bets in order to beat the vig and maintain profitability as a sports bettor.

However, this only applies when you actually have enough volume to make it work. For this reason, competitions like the Czech Liga Pro can be important to get into - they provide a lot of simple volume bets.

Let’s take a look at an example for a moneyline in this competition.

David Prusa vs. Jan Zajicek

  • David Prusa -120
  • Jan Zajicek -110

In this matchup, David Prusa is a -120 favorite over Jan Zajicek, and not by much. Most of the matchups in this competition will have odds that are pretty close together.

This is because the sportsbooks don’t know a ton about these competitions either, and want to keep any possible losses to a minimum.

This can make these kinds of table tennis competitions profitable to those who seriously pay attention to them.

Happy Betting!