Daily Sports Betting Preview 9/22/2020: ATP Hamburg, Payne’s Valley Cup, UFC Futures,

  • Daniel Evans is a +435 underdog to Stefanos Tsitsipas at ATP Hamburg.
  • The Payne’s Valley Cup kicks off today and provides all sorts of prop betting opportunities.
  • Colby Covington defeated Tyron Woodley, and bettors can wager on what his next fight will be.

LAS VEGAS - Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview focuses on some off the wall betting.

First, in ATP Hamburg, Daniel Evans takes on Stefanos Tsitsipas and is a significant moneyline underdog.

Then, the Payne Valley Cup pits some of the best golfers in the world against each other.

Finally, MMA bettors can wager on who Colby Covington’s next opponent will be.

There’s a lot to talk about today, so let’s get to it!

ATP Hamburg Betting

ATP Hamburg is ongoing, and while the French Open might be drawing more media coverage, the keen eyes of USAOnlineSportsbooks have spotted an interesting betting opportunity.

Daniel Evans is set to take on Stefanos Tsitsipas and might be more of an underdog than he should be.

Evans is currently ranked 31st in the world, which makes him a genuine opponent for all but the top tier players. Tsitsipas is a top tier player, at sixth in the world, but he’s struggled since the restart, and even before that.

He’s young, only 22 years old, and that could be a part of the reason for his inconsistency.

The two players have only met once before, in Dubai, and Tsitsipas won that match handily, 6-3 6-3. Evans is a worthy underdog, however, and that makes his moneyline odds fairly surprising.

Daniel Evans vs. Stefanos Tsitsipas

  • Daniel Evans +435
  • Stefanos Tsitsipas -540

Evans is a +435 underdog on the moneyline, which is genuinely impressive. Those are generous odds for the 31st ranked player in the world.

The spread for the match favors Tsitispas at -4.5 games, which is not unreasonable, but other matches with that spread don’t have a moneyline favorite with odds anywhere close to Tsitsipas’.

Basically, the online sportsbooks seem very sure that Tsitsipas will win this one, which is causing a bit of a differential between the spread and the moneyline.

They seem pretty sure that he will win, but less certain that he will dominate. This could mean that either the spread or the moneyline on this match are inefficient, and tennis bettors should take note.

Payne’s Valley Cup Betting

The Payne’s Valley Cup is set to kick off Tuesday afternoon, as Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas, and Justin Rose face off.

This is a fun little event that was put together to showcase the Payne’s Valley golf course and what better way to do that than to get four of the game’s best on the course.

There are all sorts of interesting prop bets available on this exhibition match. To start, the teams are split into Team US and Team Europe, and wagers are already available on who will win.

Payne’s Valley Cup Winner

  • Team United States (Tiger Woods / Justin Thomas) -130
  • Team Europe (Rory McIlroy / Justin Rose) +110

Wagers are also available on specific holes, or specific stretches of holes:

Fourball Winner (Hole 1-6)

  • Woods/Thomas +125
  • McIlroy/Rose +150
  • Tie +300

The throughline of the team bets is that Woods/Thomas, Team US, is slightly favored over McIlroy/Rose in terms of futures odds.

However, there are also props available on the individual players.

Hole 1 - Longest Tee Shot

  • Rory McIlroy +200
  • Justin Thomas +220
  • Tiger Woods +325
  • Justin Rose +350

McIlroy leads the pack to have the longest tee shot on Hole 1, while Thomas is right behind him. Woods and Rose are well back of the two leaders.

However, neither team is favored to actually win Hole 1:

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Hole 1 Winner

  • Woods/Thomas +330
  • McIlroy/Rose +340
  • Tie -185

The most likely outcome, according to the sportsbooks, is that Hole 1 is a tie, with the two teams having fairly similar odds, well above +300.

This is the exact kind of event that is exceedingly enjoyable to bet along to, and many golf bettors will be taking advantage of the opportunity.

MMA Betting

Colby Covington finally did away with Tyron Woodley on Saturday night, in a fight that was not particularly close.

Woodley looked scared, as he has in his past three fights (counting this one), and simply got outworked by Covington, as his opponent put on the pressure.

Covington, in a rambling post-fight press conference, called out UFC Welterweight champ Kamaru Usman, calling him “Fake Nusman.”

The “Fake Nusman” designation is of course a portmanteau of “Fake News” and Usman’s name.

This references not only display Covington’s fervent promotion of Donald Trump but also his belief that the ref was at fault for stopping his fight against Usman - making Usman’s championship fake news.

When Usman was confronted by this on the broadcast, he reminded Covington and the audience that the last time they fought, Usman broke Covington’s face.

This is true.

That said, Covington has been pushing for a rematch against Usman, and it’s hard to see why he wouldn’t deserve one at some point.

However, will that point be now?

Bettors can wager on who Covington’s next fight will be against.

Colby Covington Next UFC Opponent

  • Leon Edwards +300
  • Jorge Masvidal +350
  • Kamaru Usman +450
  • Gilbert Burns +500
  • Nick Diaz +750
  • Stephen Thompson +900
  • Conor McGregor +1500

Leon Edwards ranked third in the division, is the most likely opponent for Covington according to the sportsbooks.

Edwards is closely followed by Jorge Masvidal, who, like Covington, lost to Usman.

Usman himself is next, and the fight between them could be a good one, but it also could be too soon to run it back - especially with Gilbert Burns at number 1 in the division waiting for Usman.

Speaking of Burns, he’s next after Usman, although many believe that Usman/Burns will be a fight that the UFC puts on in the near future.

The future is wide open for Colby Covington, and MMA bettors can wager on what path they think Dana White will move him down.

Happy Betting!