Daily Sports Betting Preview 9/23/2020: MLB, NHL, and MLS Betting

  • The New York Yankees have -235 odds to defeat the Toronto Blue Jays.
  • The Tampa Bay Lightning are -155 favorites to beat the Dallas Stars.
  • The Portland Timbers are +175 underdogs against the Seattle Sounders.

LAS VEGAS - Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview sticks to the classics.

First, in MLB, the New York Yankees face off against the Toronto Blue Jays once again. Then, in the Stanley Cup Finals, the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Dallas Stars are knotted at 1-1.

Finally, in MLS, the Portland Timbers battle the Seattle Sounders.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

MLB Betting

The New York Yankees have been an absolute wrecking crew when they play the Toronto Blue Jays.

Yankees-Blue Jays Last 5 Games

  • Yankees 20 - 6 Blue Jays
  • Yankees 13 - 2 Blue Jays
  • Yankees 10 - 7 Blue Jays
  • Yankees 5 - 11 Blue Jays
  • Yankees 12 - 1 Blue Jays

Even when the Yankees lose, they do so in spectacular fashion against the Jays.

The lowest scoring of these games saw thirteen total runs scored, and that was with Gerrit Cole on the mound for the Yankees.

This is the first place to start with this game - the Over/Under for runs scored is 10.0, which is high, but given the history between the two teams, maybe not high enough.

As far as the moneyline, it looks like this:

New York Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays

  • New York Yankees -235
  • Toronto Blue Jays +200

In theory, this matchup should be closer, but the operative word in that sentence is “theory”.

The Yankees have had the Jays number, especially recently, and they’ve had it in dramatic fashion as well.
Returning to the question of the Over/Under line, in the last eight games the Yankees have played, only one has had under ten runs scored.

They’re on a hugely improbable heater in terms of scoring - in four of those games, the Yankees alone scored ten or more runs.

This matchup provides some interesting betting opportunities to MLB bettors, both on the Over/Under line and on the moneyline.

NHL Betting

The Stanley Cup Finals continue Wednesday evening as the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Dallas Stars are knotted at one game apiece.

The Lightning will look to get out ahead of Dallas early - they are 10-1 when scoring the first goal in this postseason.

Tampa Bay entered this season as an incredibly talented team looking for revenge after being upset in the playoffs last year.

They got it, and now they’re in the Stanley Cup Finals, and have been NHL betting favorites the entire way.

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Their streak of being the favorite has not ended in the Finals, where they seem to have more talent than the Dallas Stars.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Dallas Stars

  • Tampa Bay Lightning -155
  • Dallas Stars +135

On the moneyline, this matchup is closer than their previous one against the New York Islanders was.

Dallas, meanwhile, have mostly been the underdog all the way, which gives rise to little statistical nuggets like the fact that they are 4-1 in their last five games as a playoff underdog.

Of course they are - they were underdogs the whole way, and they’re now in the Stanley Cup Finals, which means they won a bunch of games as underdogs.

Dallas entered the Finals with a negative goal differential, which is borderline impossible. They score less goals than are scored on them, and yet here they are, with a 1-1 series in the Stanley Cup Finals.

They’re on what can only be described as a ridiculous statistical run - no Stanley Cup winner in the last 15 years has had a negative goal differential.

If Dallas wins here, it will be one for the record books purely in terms of statistical oddities.

MLS Betting

The Seattle Sounders sit at the top of the MLS’ Western Conference, although there’s not a lot of separation between them and the pack.

The Sounders have a record of six wins, three draws and two losses.

Their opponents on Wednesday night, the Portland Timbers, have a record of 5-3-4, which is good for fifth place in the Western Conference.

In other words, Portland’s fifth place is actually only three points behind Seattle’s first place, meaning a win here could even them on the standings.

The Timbers won the MLS Is Back Tournament, but have since struggled, winning only two of their seven MLS games. The losses they racked up during this time include a 0-3 defeat to the one and only Seattle Sounders, which sets the stage for Wednesday’s matchup.

Portland Timbers vs. Seattle SoundersTampa Bay Lightning vs. Dallas Stars

  • Portland Timbers +175
  • Seattle Sounders +130
  • Draw +280

The Timbers are moneyline underdogs, which is understandable given Seattle’s relatively higher position on the standings and their previous head to head matchup.

That said, the Sounders aren’t incredibly favored - they have +130 odds, which reflects that while they are favored, the two teams are roughly equal.

MLS Bettors will have a lot to look forward to in this one - two of the best teams in the Western Conference facing off.