Daily Sports Daily Sports Betting Preview 10/12/2020: Giro d’Italia, Rainbow Six European League, MNF Props

  • The Giro d’Italia’s tenth stage takes place early in the morning, and Diego Ulissi is +900 to have the best time.
  • There are five excellent matches in the Rainbow Six European League.
  • Alvin Kamara has -118 odds to get 16 carries, which he has only done once this season.

LAS VEGAS - Today’s Daily Sports Betting Preview takes a look at three of the most interesting wagers on the board.

First, the Preview takes a look at the Giro D’Italia, as the race enters its tenth stage on Tuesday.

Then, the Preview examines the Rainbow Six European League, where there are five interesting matches today.

Finally, the Preview checks out Monday Night Football, specifically some prop bets on Alvin Kamara, the star of the New Orleans Saints.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

Giro D’Italia Betting

The Giro D’Italia continues on the very early morning of October 13, with stage 10 of the 21 stage race.

This early start time is the justification for it appearing in today’s preview - cycling bettors could want to get their bets in today, instead of waking up early.

The odds on this stage of the race close at 5:55 A.M. EST.

Right now, the stage odds leader is Diego Ulissi, who is the only person with under +1000 odds to win the stage.

Let’s take a look at the rest of the top 10 - or actually 12, as four racers are tied from 8-12.

Giro d’Italia Stage 10 Odds

  • Diego Ulissi +900
  • Michael Matthews +1200
  • Peter Sagan +1800
  • Ben Swift +2000
  • Jack Haig +2000
  • Jakob Fuglsang +2200
  • Jhonatan Narvaez +2200
  • Thomas De Gendt +2200
  • Davide Ballerini +2500
  • Patrick Konrad +2500
  • Simon Clarke +2500
  • Wilco Kelderman +2500

Behind Ulissi is Michael Matthews, at +1200, followed by Peter Sagan at +1800. These three are the only racers below +2000.

At +2000, the pack starts to get more pronounced - Ben Swift and Jack Haig sit there, closely followed by Jakob Fuglsang, Jhonatan Narvaez, and Thomas De Gendt at +2200.

Davide Ballerini and Patrick Konrad make up the rest of the top 10, but Simon Clarke and Wilco Kelderman also have +2500 odds, and so were included here.

Kelderman is an interesting bet here, as he currently sits second in overall time in the Giro d’Italia.

Fuglsang at +2200 sits only 31 seconds back of Kelderman, which is good for sixth place overall on the standings.

These are the two that stick out when looking at the event on paper, but sports bettors who have been watching the competition carefully may be able to see some hidden high paying wagers.

Rainbow Six European League

Esports bettors have a treat today as the Rainbow Six European League brings five matches to the table, and this column will break down the odds on all of them.

Team Empire vs. Team Vitality

  • Empire -190
  • Vitality +140

In the first matchup of the day, Empire is a fairly heavy favorite over Vitality, with -190 odds to win the day.

This matchup starts at 12:00 p.m. EST.

Empire is currently third place in the European League’s second stage, and Vitality is sixth, explaining their odds differential.

Virtus.pro vs. Team Secret

  • Virtus.pro +165
  • Secret -230

In the second matchup, which starts at 1:00 p.m. EST, Virtus.pro takes on Team Secret as fairly serious underdogs.

Virtus.pro are fifth in the league as of right now, which is respectable, but Secret sit at the top, behind only BDS Esport.

Against such a strong team, it’s hard to pick Virtus.pro to come through.

BDS Esport vs. Natus Vincere

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  • BDS -600
  • NaVi +375

Speaking of the top team in the league, BDS are expected to dominate against NaVi, with their -600 odds being easily the shortest of the day.

Tempra Esports vs. Rogue

  • Tempra -190
  • Rogue +140

Tempra Esports face off against Rogue as some of the worst teams in the league. Rogue is sitting in last place, while Tempra is only a slight bit ahead of them in eighth place.

G2 vs. Chaos

  • G2 -220
  • Chaos +165

The last match of the day pits fourth place G2 against seventh place Chaos. The two teams have inverted records - G2 at 3-1-2, and Chaos at 2-1-3.

If Chaos pulls off the upset here, they’ll pull even with G2 in terms of records. This last match starts at 4:00 p.m. EST.

Monday Night Football Kamara Props

Alvin Kamara has become the unquestionable star of the New Orleans Saints in the absence of Michael Thomas.

Kamara can do it all, from playing in the pass game, to short yardage situations, to making entire defenses look stupid.

That play really is Kamara in a nutshell - his vision, his change of pace, and most of all, his foresight to allow the play to develop and allow his blockers to get downfield.

Kamara slows down to let the big man get in front of him, and speeds up when needed, but spends most of the play at what almost looks like a jog.

Most backs get brought down by the tackle from Will Redmond at the beginning of the play, and the ones that don’t probably make it 20 yards.

Kamara’s one of the only backs with the skillset to make a play like this - he’s a complete player, and watching him do this was reminiscent of the vision and change of pace skills displayed by prime Le’veon Bell.

But enough about Kamara the player, let’s talk about Kamara the prop bet target.

The Saints announced that Michael Thomas, the top receiving target on the team, would not be playing in this Monday night game due to disciplinary issues.

Kamara will once again serve as the focal point of the offense both in the run game and in the pass game.

This means that prop bets on his usage and yardage are interesting plays.

Kamara is a -250 favorite to score one touchdown, and a +200 underdog to score two, which puts him in an interesting spot. He’s basically a walking touchdown, but asking anyone to score two touchdowns is a tough ask in the NFL.

Kamara has -118 odds to get at least 16 carries, which seems a bit high for him this year. His usage comes from passing as well as rushing.

Only one game this year, last week against Detroit, has seen Kamara eclipse 16 carries.

Kamara’s Over/Under line for pass yardage is 54.5, which, with Thomas out, seems like a solid wager at first glance.

He averages more than that, of course, but on a game to game basis, that Over/Under would have cashed twice and missed twice.

The biggest issue with betting on Kamara is that he will get his either through the pass game or the run game, but it’s hard to predict which he will utilize to acquire his yardage.

NFL bettors will have their work cut out for them with these kinds of props.

Happy Betting!