DraftKings Mobile App Launch Postponed In West Virginia

  • The DraftKings sports betting app is delayed because of its server location.
  • One part of the mobile betting server is located outside of West Virginia.
  • West Virginia still does not have mobile betting after BetLucky shut down.

CHARLES TOWN, W. Va. – The new DraftKings sports betting app in West Virginia will be pushed back for several weeks.

The Hollywood Casino in Charles Town is partners with DraftKings. Together, they are planning to create a sports betting app available for everyone in West Virginia. The testing period for the sports wagering app finished in late May. But concerns appeared that need addressing first.

The Server Location Matters

There are two different servers that operate the app. One server processes the sports bets and the other handles the money. The server that operates the wagers is already in West Virginia. The server itself is in Charles Town.

The server that handles the money is not located in West Virginia. Right now, that server is in New Jersey. Bets are not processed through this wallet server. But, the West Virginia Lottery has concerns about complying with federal laws.

“I think we have agreement among everybody that it needs to be located in the state of West Virginia in order to make sure that there is not an issue or violation of the federal Wire Act,” said Lottery Director John Myers.

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The Wire Act stipulates that all online sports betting must happen within a state’s borders. To comply with the federal law, the West Virginia Lottery wants both servers to be in the state. The Wire Act only affects sports betting.

Still No Replacement For Mobile Wagering

Until the DraftKings sports betting app launches, USAOnlineSportsbooks.com regrets at this time there is no mobile wagering in West Virginia. The state originally had a sports betting app named BetLucky. The app ceased operations due to contract issues with tech suppliers. It has been three months since West Virginia had a sports betting app.

Wheeling Island and Mardi Gras casinos are also shut down due to the contract disputes as well. These two casinos are still paying back bets that were already made. West Virginia as a whole is losing revenue thanks to the lack of mobile wagering.

But there should be an upswing for sports betting revenue once the app launches. The DraftKings sportsbook is still going to launch in the future. Even though there is no given date, lottery officials did say it will launch in several weeks. The DraftKings mobile app should launch in West Virginia before football season begins.