Eagles Have Massive +425 Odds for a 1Q Lead by 1-6 Points

  • The Kansas City Chiefs have -120 odds to go over 3.5 points in the first quarter.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles have -145 to go over 3.5 point in the first quarter.
  • First quarter winning margin bets have odds for both teams to lead by 1-6 or 7+ points.

GLENDALE, Ariz. – The first quarter will set the tone for the highly anticipated Super Bowl LVII matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. Both teams are favored to go over their 3.5 total point projection for the first quarter.

Chiefs First Quarter Success

The Kansas City Chiefs have gone over 3.5 points in the first quarter in 63% of games this season.

Total Points - Kansas City Chiefs – 1Q

  • Over 3.5 -120
  • Under 3.5 -110

They have had success all season long in the first quarter, going over their projection in four of their last five and seven of their last 10 games.

The Chiefs only scored three points in the first quarter of the AFC Championship game against a tough Cincinnati Bengals defense.

The Philadelphia Eagles defense is even tougher to score on, especially when Jalen Hurts is healthy.

After a five-game streak allowing at least one touchdown in the first quarter from Week 8 to Week 13, the Eagles surrendered zero points in Jalen Hurts’ next five starts.

The Chiefs will look to break this streak in Super Bowl 57, with -120 odds to go over their projected 3.5 total first quarter points.

Eagles Soar Early

The Philadelphia Eagles have greatly improved their first quarter scoring problems in the second half of the season.

Total Points - Philadelphia Eagles – 1Q

  • Over 3.5 -145
  • Under 3.5 +110

The Eagles were held scoreless in the first quarter in four of their first six games.

They made excellent mid-season adjustments and recorded at least a touchdown in nine of 11 Jalen Hurts starts following their early slump.

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When the Eagles offense is led by Jalen hurts, they’ve scored a first quarter touchdown in 65% of games.

The Eagles are coming into Super Bowl 57 on a first quarter scoring hot streak, having scored a first quarter touchdown in six of their last seven games.

The Eagles have not converted a first quarter field goal all season, only touchdowns.

NFL sportsbooks recognize their first quarter dominance with -145 odds, yet this is still a valuable bet based on their high success rate.

First Quarter Winning Margin – Q1

7-3 was the ending score of the first quarter in each of the last three Super Bowls.

Based on Super Bowl history and team trends, a 7-3 Eagles lead at the end of the first quarter is very possible.

This exact score outcome for the first quarter would result in a win for Eagles leading by 1-6 points, which has incredibly valuable odds on online sportsbooks at +425.

The Eagles will likely have to take advantage of the first quarter to defeat Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in Super Bowl 57.

Eagles Lead By 1-6 Points –1Q +425