Eagles Odds Fall, Bills + Jets Super Bowl 58 Odds Shorten

  • The Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl 58 odds fell from +775 to +885 in the last 11 days.
  • Odds shifted in favor of the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills, who both saw their Super Bowl 58 odds shorten by +200.
  • The Baltimore Ravens jumped from +2000 to +1800, while the Detroit Lions moved in the opposite direction from +2500 to +2700.

PHILADELPHIA – The Philadelphia Eagles have their longest odds to win Super Bowl 58 since online sportsbooks released their odds. Since July 31, the Philadelphia Eagles went from second-most likely to win Super Bowl 58 with +775 odds, to fourth-most likely at +885 odds.

The swing in odds for multiple teams at USA online sportsbooks is likely because of public betting handles on the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets. Philadelphia’s lengthened betting odds for Super Bowl LVIII are a result of odds shortening from other Super Bowl-hopeful teams at the top of the betting board.

Biggest Shifts in Super Bowl 58 Betting Odds since July 31

Team: July 31 SB 58 Odds: August 11 SB 58 Odds:
Philadelphia Eagles +775 +885
Buffalo Bills +1100 +900
New York Jets +1400 +1200
Baltimore Ravens +2000 +1800
Detroit Lions +2500 +2700
Dallas Cowboys +1500 +1600

The biggest shift in odds at NFL online sportsbooks are on the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills to win Super Bowl 58. Their +200 odds shift is the same as the Baltimore Ravens and Detroit Lions, but due to the Bills and Jets positioning as two of the top six most likely teams, the ripple affected top teams like the Philadelphia Eagles.

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The two AFC East teams shift slightly pushed back the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl 58 odds from +650 to +675 and the Dallas Cowboys from +1500 to +1600. The Detroit Lions fell from +2500 to +2700 despite being the favorite to win the NFC North in 2023.

Odds at online mobile sportsbooks shortened the Baltimore Ravens odds from +2000 to +1800 to win Super Bowl 58. These odds changes occurred in the last 11 days and are likely to continue prior to NFL kickoff on September 7.