ECF Game 4 Swings NBA Series Price Odds and NBA Finals Odds

  • Miami was -1000 to win the series before Game 4 and now holds -300 odds.
  • The Boston Celtics series odds went from +650 to +250 following the win.
  • Boston’s NBA Finals odds shortened from +1600 to +500.

BOSTONEastern Conference Finals series odds saw massive movement after the Boston Celtics Game 4 victory against the Miami Heat.

The Miami Heat earned their -1000 series odds after going up 3-0, a position that no team in NBA history has lost in. Oddsmakers greatly cut this number down after the Boston Celtics won Game 4 in Miami, with the Heat now representing -300 odds to win the series.

After losing Game 3 by 26 points, the Boston Celtics series odds fell to +650 and their season seemed to be over. Boston was the underdog for the first time this series but cashed their +105 moneyline odds and kept their playoff series odds alive.

Now, their NBA Playoffs series price at online sportsbooks have shortened down all the way to +250, with two of the remaining three games to be played in Boston.

The Miami Heat are being undervalued once again by NBA sportsbooks with their -300 odds despite being up 3-1 in the series. It’s unlikely that the best coach in the NBA in Eric Spoelstra will lose four consecutive games to a team he beat in each of their first three games.

The massive line movement comes from Celtics bettors, who make up 87% of bets places on the Eastern Conference finals series winner.

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NBA Finals Odds Swing After ECF Game 4

The Nuggets had -300 odds to win the NBA Finals prior to Game 4. Now, they sit at -250 with the emergence of the Boston Celtics.

NBA Finals Odds Before Game 4

  • Denver Nuggets -300
  • Miami Heat +250
  • Boston Celtics +1600

Current NBA Finals Odds Following Game 4

  • Denver Nuggets -250
  • Miami Heat +350
  • Boston Celtics +500

The Boston Celtics will host the Miami Heat for Game 5 as an 8-point favorite. With all of the betting hype back on the Boston Celtics after winning one game, there’s a great opportunity for Nuggets and Heat bettors to find value with their newly shortened odds.