Fair Pay To Play Act Could Have Big Implications For Sports Betting

  • No college athlete is paid for playing sports.
  • California plans to create an alternative method for athletes to get paid.
  • The NCAA will likely offer a response to the bill if it ends up passing.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A bill introduced in California could very well change legal sports betting in the country.

Fair Pay To Play

California lawmakers introduced CA SB 206 back in early February this year. The bill passed in the State Senate with a 31-5 vote. This bill will likely pass in the California Assembly as well. But what does this bill do?

Compensating college athletes for the games they play has always been a big topic. Some believe that college athletes should be paid like professional athletes. This is especially because college sports represent a billion-dollar industry. Others believe that the benefits that student-athletes receive are more than enough for pay. California lawmakers do not agree.

That is why they created the Fair Pay to Play Act. This bill will allow college athletes in their state to receive funding outside of playing games. CA SB 206 allows college athletes to hire their own agents. These agents will help college athletes sell their likeness for advertisements. So, companies like Verizon could use the likeness of California athletes for their ads. Through that, the college athlete will receive payment.

Although the student-athletes will not receive money for playing, this is a different way for them to secure income. But this could greatly skew the recruiting power for California schools. Athletes will more likely go to California colleges if they know they can potentially gain income. The NCAA would likely step in if this bill were to pass.

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Influencing Sports Betting

This will also give more incentive for people to bet on college games as well. Sports bettors will want to wager on huge profile athletes. If only California passes this bill, more bettors will bet on California schools than the other colleges.

There is also the fact that sports betting companies could get involved with advertisements as well. USA sportsbooks like FanDuel have already partnered with pro sports leagues. College sports betting is very popular. They will likely want to use student-athletes to help promote their sportsbooks.

CA SB 206 has not passed yet. Right now, the bill is working its way through the California Assembly. At the moment, it does seem like the bill will end up passing through the Assembly as well. We will have to keep an eye on this bill for the potential impact it can have on sports betting.