Has Andrew Cuomo Shifted The “No NFL Fans In Stands” Betting Prop?

  • The NFL not having fans in attendance during Week 1 of the regular season is listed at -260 odds after being listed at -400 odds before.
  • The NFL plans on playing Week 1 with fans in attendance despite the threat of Covid-19.

NEW YORK — The coronavirus pandemic has forced the sports world into numerous cancellations and postponements across the globe. However, the NFL has been able to avoid major postponements as their offseason programs and NFL Draft were both held virtually.

However, actual games are a different story and the debate around whether NFL fans would be allowed in the stands began well before the preseason.

Originally, odds for having fans in the stands come Week 1 sat at +250.

Now, the odds for that prop have shifted (+175), as leagues and government officials start to receive more information on the efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19.

One of the states hit the hardest from the coronavirus pandemic was New York and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo held a press conference to explain the status of the virus and sports.

“We are working and encouraging all sports teams to start their training camps as soon as possible and we'll work with them to make sure that can happen,’’ said Cuomo.

Governor Cuomo has also voiced his support for getting sports back on at least TV.

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"I believe that sports that can come back without having people in the stadium, without having people in the arena,'' said Cuomo. "We want people to be able to watch sports. To the extent people are still staying home, it gives people something to do. It's a return to normalcy.”

On the other side of the spectrum for this prop, the odds of fans not being in attendance for Week 1 of the NFL also saw some movement.

NFL To Have Fans Week 1?

  • No -260
  • Yes +175

After being pegged at -400 on the odds board when opening, the odds currently sit at -260, indicating that online sportsbooks and online sports bettors have faith that the NFL will allow fans in the stands when the season kicks off.

Using What Cuomo said, leagues should be starting back soon. In short, now is the best time to bet this NFL prop before the odds get even shorter.