Has SEC’s Conference Only Schedule Affected College Football Odds?

  • Alabama has +500 odds to win the National Championship while Georgia’s odds are at +800.
  • LSU has +1000 odds to walk away as the champions and Florida’s odds to are +1200.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.The Southeastern Conference (SEC), arguably the best conference in college football, broke the college football world as they announced that they will be moving to a 10-game conference-only schedule for the 2020-21 season.

With that announcement, online sportsbooks odds on the National Championship could change as it could benefit some teams more than others.

SEC Teams’ Odds To Win The CFP

  • Alabama +500
  • Georgia +800
  • LSU +1000
  • Florida +1200
  • Texas A&M +2800
  • Auburn +4000
  • Tennessee +15000
  • Missouri +30000

With the conference only schedule, it will give all of these teams a chance to prove themselves against the elites in the country such as Alabama, Georgia, and LSU. This will also give bettors a chance to bet on out of the ordinary teams as well.

This would most certainly affect Alabama’s college football odds as they could potentially add regular-season matchups to their schedule versus both Georgia and Florida – both of who usually end up in the top 15 at the seasons' end.

If Alabama were to play these teams and win, in addition to already playing LSU during the regular season, it would no doubt solidify themselves a playoff spot if assuming that they do not lose to an unranked team.

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In fact, it would be a similar situation for LSU, Georgia, and Florida as they could all potentially play each other as well. If any of these teams were to come out on top against one another, it would only make their path to the college football playoffs that much easier and they would offer great payouts as well since their odds could be considered longshot.

As for the longshots, they are impacted majorly as well. Teams like Texas A&M, Auburn, Tennessee, and Missouri – considered as middle-tier teams – will have to increase their strength of schedule to their likely downfall.

Having the potential of a great season, their playoff odds hang in the balance of beating the top-tier games or watching them cannibalize each other out of top rankings.

With the SEC schedule changing, however, betting on these longshot teams could potentially offer enormous payouts as it would open plenty of opportunities for them as well.

They would have the chance to play two, maybe more of the elite teams in the conference, and prove their odds wrong if they come out on top.