How Parlay Patz Can Make You A Better Sports Bettor

  • Ben “Parlay Patz” Patz is a sports bettor in New York that won over a million dollars in 42 days.
  • From betting on the moneyline of NFL games, Patz has hit many parlays with incredulous odds.
  • The abilities of Patz is a great example of how bettors should interact with their sportsbook.

NEW YORK – While the skill of sports betting comes easy to some people, others continue to throw money into a pit of despair. Last month, a younger sports bettor from New York showed the world just exactly how to bet on sports through a method that many falter with – parlays.

Parlay Patz, as he is known by his friends, has won over $1.16 million in just 42 days. The first of his winnings came as he won a 15-team moneyline parlay netting $237,200 from an $1800 risk. With odds of +13178, Parlay Patz increased his bankroll and only continued his success. He brought in another near-$85,000 from three separate parlays – all of which he laid at least $20,000 on.

After being up nearly one-third of a million dollars, Parlay Patz more than doubled his money betting on an NFL Sunday with a 13-team parlay.

The King of Parlays has many notable accomplishments from his run of winning wagers, but none are as impressive as the $463,877 he won over the course of four wagers, in a seven-day period.

While parlays are a difficult way to make money, Ben “Parlay” Patz has seemed to find the best betting strategy to make money.

Patz is now definitely considered a sharp (professional) but square bettors (general public) are notorious for betting with their hearts and not their heads. Plenty of examples from legal sports betting in 2019 have proven this to be the case.

New York’s (New Jersey’s) Love For The Home Team

To begin the NFL betting season, sports bettors in New York were excited about having a sportsbook at the stadium of their beloved New York Giants and New York Jets. What could be better for a bettor than putting money where their mouth is, and seeing their bet unfold while at the stadium?

The ending result was not as expected, as the Jets (5-9) and Giants (3-11) have the seventh and third-worst record this season of any NFL team, respectively.

Still, the sportsbooks in New Jersey saw plenty of action come in on the home teams before the season began.

According to NFL betting data sent in an email to from FanDuel Sportsbook – the sports wagering operator at the Meadowlands – the Jets were the third-most bet on team to win the Super Bowl. Additionally, Jets’ bettors allowed FanDuel to collect the fourth-most money of any team to win the Super Bowl.

While the Jets improved their roster in the offseason, bettors found themselves in the typical trend of betting with their emotions.

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Countless times throughout the season, bettors continued to bite the bullet. During the opening weekend, Giants’ bettors saw as much as 90% of the spread betting handle in favor of the G-Men on the road against the Dallas Cowboys. Similarly, the home-team Jets received 89% of the spread betting handle compared to the 11% that bettors risked on the Bills.

These trends continued throughout the NFL season, and bettors found themselves constantly adding more and more money to their sports betting accounts without any profit. But the NFL isn’t the only sport that New Yorkers found themselves heavily invested in the home teams.

The New York Yankees had nearly 90,000 more bets than any other team and were the most popular team by both bet count and handle. While they were a team destined to make a deep playoff run, the sheer number of extra bets on the Yankees is the proof in the pudding.

Improving Your Betting Habits With Help From Parlay Patz

While parlays are a sure way to lose money, Patz is still a prime example of how bettors should interact with a sportsbook. Through a system he put in place, Patz realized a winning strategy and rolled with it – regardless of which team he was betting on. He showed no favoritism and only looked at winning money as opposed to hoping his bet would hit because he had bet on his favorite teams.

“My life has improved because of the techniques I’ve used that have won me all this,” said Patz.

Whenever a big-time bettor makes the headlines, there is always something to take note of from their successes. Patz is no stranger to admitting his defeats – something that some bettors like to avoid in conversation. He is aware that with betting, sometimes one will be a winner but most times a loser.

But Patz’s strategy comes from only betting on teams to win (on the moneyline). He avoids point totals and spreads because of his understanding that athletes are only looking to win the game at hand, not win by a certain amount.

Patz is also keen on making sure he is wagering on the right games. He never bets on sports just to have action and focuses on what he knows to beat the books.

“I can go days without looking at a game or at scores,” said Patz.

Though these are only a handful of betting tips and strategies, it still gives plenty of sports bettors an opportunity to refocus their game plan. Not many will have the same success as Parlay Patz but there is always something to learn from a bigtime bettor.