How The EKU Basketball Betting Line Warrants Concern

  • Eastern Kentucky is a 12.5-point favorite over Morehead State in men’s basketball.
  • EKU has -900 odds to win outright, something that teams at -12.5 do 88.2% of the time.

RICHMOND, Ky. - Eastern Kentucky has been one of the best teams in college basketball this season. While they sit 3-1 without a home game to their name, EKU is doing much more than winning games… they are covering the spread.

In fact, Eastern Kentucky basketball is one of four teams this season that is undefeated against the spread with at least four games to their name. Another half dozen loom with 3-0 ATS records on the year, but it is Eastern Kentucky that has gotten the better of the online sportsbooks whether seen as the favorite or the underdog.

Eastern Kentucky Basketball Spreads:

  • 11/25 vs. N Florida: +1
  • 11/27 vs. Charleston Southern: -8
  • 11/30 vs. Xavier: +16
  • 12/02 vs. SC Upstate: -8

Covering in all four of these games, EKU now faces a challenge they haven’t seen this season: being a double-digit favorite.

Eastern Kentucky has been -8 for two games this season. Since 2003, teams at -8 have won in 78.6% of games. While this number is quite positive for bettors, moving the needle by another possession proves to be even more favorable.

W/L Results For Double-Digit CBB Spreads (Since 2003):

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  • -10 (1316-250) 84%
  • -10.5 (1177-205) 85.2%
  • -11 (1154-168) 87.3%
  • -11.5 (1043-144) 87.9%
  • -12 (1053-149) 87.6%
  • -12.5 (983-131) 88.2%
  • -13 (963-109) 89.8%
  • -13.5 (870-77) 91.9%

With Eastern Kentucky being -12.5, history would say they will win this game no problem.

While this number can seem scary for college basketball betting players wanting to back EKU, they should warrant those fear as covering this spread is a different story. EKU (-900) is seen to win in nearly seven out of every eight games by these numbers, but teams within a favorite status of -11 to -14 generally fail to cover the spread.

Averaging a cover rate of about 49% (3699-3872-189), Eastern Kentucky could be up against their first ATS loss of the season.

For the number -12.5 itself, teams are 543-571 (48.7%) against the spread since 2003 and an even worse 42-51 (45.2%) since the start of last season.

No matter which side of the betting line is taken, Eastern Kentucky will tip-off against Morehead State (1-3, 2-2 ATS) in this rivalry game at 7 p.m. ET.