IEM Dallas 2022 First Day Betting Breakdown

  • IEM Dallas 2022 features the best CS:GO teams in the world, and starts on May 30, 2022.
  • G2 is a -375 favorite over Movistar Riders in the first match of the tournament.
  • Astralis and Vitality face off once more - last time they faced off, Vitality won 16:8.

DALLAS - IEM Dallas 2022 will kick off on Monday and will feature many of the top names in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive esports betting.

The opening matches of the tournament are best of one, which introduces some intriguing variance into the equation for esports bettors.

IEM Dallas 2022 - G2 Vs. Movistar Riders

  • G2 -375
  • Movistar Riders +265

The first match of the day pits G2 against Movistar Riders, and it should come as no surprise that G2 is expected to win this one by the online sportsbooks.

However, it is worth noting that ESL rankings have these two teams a bit closer than one might expect given the odds disparity between the two.

ESL has G2 as the seventh best team in the world, while they rank Movistar Riders as the 17th best team in the world. However, the gap between them in terms of the points that ESL uses to rank teams is significant - G2 has 875, while Movistar Riders has 272.

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This gap more or less matches the odds - G2 is expected to win somewhere between 75%-80% of the matches these two teams play.

IEM Dallas 2022 - Astralis Vs. Vitality

  • Astralis +120
  • Vitality -155

Astralis and Vitality might be the closest matchup between two very good teams that will be happening on Day 1 of IEM Dallas 2022 - and thus, the most interesting for esports betting fans.

The two teams are ranked 11th and 10th in the world by ESL, respectively, and the gap between them is only 37 points, in favor of Vitality.

Astralis is coming off of a failure to launch at PGL Major Antwerp 2022, which dropped them below Vitality in the ESL rankings. They lost to Team Spirit, Team Liquid and Vitality, while beating MIBR and IHC - and the loss to Vitality wasn't particularly close either.

This matchup is the only time that the two have played this season, and a 16:8 victory for Vitality should give them confidence entering this second meeting. In the entire history of the two organizations, Vitality and Astralis have faced off 21 times, with Vitality winning 13 times.

In summary, Vitality has the historical advantage, Vitality has the rankings advantage, and Vitality has the recent matchup advantage.