Jeopardy Champion Is Smashing Records: Shares View On Sports Betting

  • James Holzhauer has won just under $1.7 million in 22 games.
  • He has correctly guessed 21 of 22 Final Jeopardy questions.
  • His view of sports betting is exactly what stock traders see in the market.

LAS VEGAS – Jeopardy! comes back to the airwaves on Monday and famed sports bettor and current champion, James Holzhauer, looks to continue his dominance.

His goal is to become the largest Jeopardy! winner, which might not difficult considering his average winning bankroll is higher than the most profitable game for the current leader, Ken Jennings.

Holzhauer has won $1.69 million across 22 games, putting him just over $750,000 away from the target.

His large profit comes mainly from a strategy not ever seen in the Jeopardy! realm. Instead of moving from the easiest question (worth the least) to the hardest (worth the most), Holzhauer works in reverse. This allows for him to have a substantially higher bankroll when coming across a Daily Double – to which he isn’t shy to risk.

In 53 Daily Double attempts, Holzhauer has correctly guessed 49 of them, taking in $462,416 from those questions alone.

This not only comes from his vast knowledge but his ability to buzz in first, making it easier to control the board and find the Daily Doubles.

In fact, he’s been the first to buzz in on almost 60% of all questions. But getting them right is important too. He has answered 96.7% of questions correct (803/830) while posting seven perfect games and a streak of 187 correct responses.

His love of math, money, and gambling has ventured directly from sports betting giving Holzhauer an astonishing record – every one of the top ten finishes in the show’s history.

When Holzhauer was a child, he skipped second-grade math and found himself in a fifth-grade math class. On his way to college, he received a mathematics degree from his hometown college, the University of Illinois. But his main focus was playing online poker, which is where he has said to have increased his sports betting bankroll.

As a sports bettor, he has claimed to increase it drastically with winning wagers in 2006. His correct futures bet, at 40-1, on Ryan Howard to win the MLB home run title and his other futures bet, at 100-1, on the Tiger to win the American League pennant secured his career path.

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Now his focus, aside from futures betting, is in-play wagering, to which he relates to the stock market.

“In-game betting is basically day trading; futures markets are a hedge fund; handicapping is fundamental analysis; reading the market is technical analysis; actually placing bets is being in the trading pit,” said Holzhauer.

The show will begin its broadcast on Monday night, after Holzhauer was awarded with his own day of affirmation and a key to the city in Clark County.

“This is something I would have bet heavily against if I had the opportunity,” said Holzhauer.

Holzhauer will not receive any of the money won on the show until 120 days after his conclusion of success. However, you can always win alongside with him, as USA online sportsbooks have posted prop bets for Holzhauer’s success:

Will James Holzhauer surpass Ken Jennings’ 74-game win streak?
Yes -115
No -115

Will Holzhauer surpass Jennings’ $2,520,700 net regular play winnings?
Yes -500
No +600

Will Holzhauer win more than $150,000 in a single game?
Yes -160
No +130

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