Judge MVP Odds Shorten, Remains Underdog For Yankees HR Record

  • Aaron Judge has -390 odds to win the AL MVP.
  • Judge is the favorite to lead the MLB in home runs with -1400 odds.
  • There is +125 odds on Judge breaking Roger Maris’s record of 61 home runs.

NEW YORK – There are just over two months remaining in the MLB season and some of the season-long odds have begun solidifying themselves with favorites far ahead of the rest. Two of the odds, in particular, are the AL MVP and the home run leader odds in which Aaron Judge is the extreme heavy favorite to win both.


  • Aaron Judge -390
  • Shohei Ohtani +290
  • Yordan Alvarez +3500
  • Jose Ramirez +6000
  • Rafael Devers +7500
  • Anthony Rizzo +10000

Judge’s odds to win the MVP were neck and neck with Shohei Ohtani up until the last shift in which Judge jumped from +155 way down to the -390 he’s at right now. Ohtani saw is odds slide up as well from -110 to +290.

Judge has been a menace in shortening his odds as he currently leads the league in a multitude of categories including RBI’s (91), OPS (1.054), home runs 42), and is also in the top-25 in his batting average (.297).

Not to take anything away from Ohtani at all as he has both the hitting and pitching game on lock, but he has not been able to translate his performance into wins. Judge has helped lead the Yankees to the best record in the league at 69-34 and +375 odds to win the World Series while the LA Angels are down at 43-59 and +80000 odds.

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Something that makes Judge's odds even more impressive is that he helped strengthen the Yankees odds from an already strong +400 which is where they were at in the beginning of June.

Will Judge Make History?

Most Regular Season Home Runs

  • Aaron Judge -1400
  • Kyle Schwarber +1000
  • Yordan Álvarez +2200
  • Austin Riley +3000
  • Pete Alonso +3300
  • Giancarlo Stanton +5000

Judge To Beat Roger Maris Single Season Yankees HR Record

  • No -165
  • Yes +125

Judge, as mentioned before, is the league leader in home runs hit, but the emphasis on this is that he is nine runs ahead of the next best home run hitter and has hit 11+ homers in each of the last three months. As long as he continues at this rate, there is no reason he shouldn’t be able to cash on his odds to finish as the league leader.

Where there is some tremendous value comes with his odds to beat Roger Maris’s single-season Yankees record of 61 home runs. At this point, Judge is just 19 away from tying the record, and the fact that he has hit over 10 in the last three months should be a strong indicator to take his +125 odds in doing so.