Kansas City Chiefs Odds To Avoid And Ones Worth Betting

  • The Kansas City Chiefs have +300 odds to have points scored in each of their first 40 quarters.
  • There are +350 odds for each Chiefs game to have over 39.5 points.

KANSAS CITY – Since the Kansas City Chiefs have arguably the best player in the NFL in Patrick Mahomes and weapons such as Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce, it’s easy to see this team being unstoppable on paper.

However, the NFL is never that simple and sportsbooks may be trying to trap you.

Kansas City Chiefs To Score In Each Of Their First 40 Quarters

In 2020, the Kansas City Chiefs were rendered scoreless in the first quarter of the season. The team then had a scoreless quarter in their second game as well as in the third, fourth and fifth games of the year.

Scoring points in every quarter of a game is tough, doing so for 10 straight games is nearly impossible. Online sportsbooks may not be giving good enough odds to justify betting on it.

Points In Every Quarter Of Kansas City’s First 10 Games

  • Yes +300

Instead, NFL betting fans may be better off betting on the totals of each individual game as if it does hit every game, it would reap more of a payout anyways.

Chiefs To See Over 39.5 Points in All 17 Regular Season Games

Searching through sportsbooks for inconsistencies is a key to betting. This is one of those spots. Bovada is offering the following bet, but don’t pull the trigger just yet.

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Total Points In Every Kansas City Chiefs Regular Season Game

  • Over 39.5 +350

Whether this is a good bet or not, the book is offering what turns out to be the same bet but with more rewarding odds.

Total Points in Every Kansas City Chiefs Regular Season Game

  • 40 or more +400

Why or how this happens is irrelevant, all that matters is that it’s available.

If anyone likes the first bet, surely they’ll love the second with an additional 50 extra units won per unit bet

Parlayed Team Specials

It’s no secret that parlays are one of the worst bets someone can make, but the thrill of chasing that extra payday is too much to resist to some. However, sometimes it’s truly unnecessary.

Patrick Mahomes Most TD Passes In AFC & Chiefs AFC No. 1 Seed

  • Yes +300

Both of these bets are offered individually with Mahomes TD leader available at -125 and the Chiefs being the No. 1 seed at +160. The true value of this comes out to be +368 for the parlay, but bettors may be better off siding with just one side if not both separately.