Logan, Jake Paul Favored To Be Anderson Silva’s Next Opponent

  • Logan Paul is the -200 betting favorite to be Anderson Silva’s next boxing opponent.
  • Jake Paul has +200 odds as the second choice and the only other opponent with odds short of +900.
  • Mike Tyson, Oscar De La Hoya, Roy Jones Jr and Vitor Belfort are also listed options.

LAS VEGAS – Anderson Silva, coming off of a win over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., is looking for his next boxing opponent. According to the sportsbooks, one of the Paul brothers is likely to be the former UFC star’s next fight.

Could It Be A Paul Brother?

The Paul brothers, Logan and Jake, have been at the forefront of the boxing world after Jake Paul’s fights against Nate Robinson, Ben Askren and his scheduled fight against Tyron Woodley while Logan Paul fought Floyd Mayweather earlier this month. Now, online sportsbooks list the brothers as the favorites to fight Anderson Silva next.

Anderson Silva’s Next Boxing Opponent Odds

  • Logan Paul -200
  • Jake Paul +200
  • Mike Tyson +900
  • Oscar De La Hoya +900
  • Roy Jones Jr. +900
  • Vitor Belfort +900

In terms of either Paul brother, it makes sense on both sides. For Silva, it’s probably the biggest payday of any opponent, especially at 46-years-old. For Logan, he would add a perennial Mount Rushmore-level UFC fighter to his resume that already includes Mayweather.

For Jake, it falls in line with what would be: Askren (UFC fighter), Woodley (former UFC champion), and then Silva (one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time). Logan is likely the betting favorite due to timelines matching up rather than Jake who is scheduled to fight in August.

How About A Boxing Legend?

Mike Tyson, Oscar De La Hoya and Roy Jones Jr. all have +900 odds attached to them. Tyson fought Roy Jones Jr back in November 2020 and looked pretty damn good in the ring for a 54-year-old retired boxer. As a matter of fact, he looked good despite allegedly holding back and could actually give Silva a run for his money.

De La Hoya has claimed he wants to make a return to the ring, but he has yet to name an opponent and since he’s only two years older than Silva it could make a lot of sense. With that said, anyone betting on boxing should be aware that De La Hoya would likely want to fight on Golden Boy Promotions and it could potentially cause a contractual issue.

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Jones Jr. could be the best option of them all. While he didn’t look too hot in his exhibition against Tyson, he’s said he wants to fight again and that his dream fight is Silva.

There’s a case to be made that Silva respects the art of combat sports too much to fight a Paul brother who has made it more entertainment than sport, and if Silva has his choice it could very well be Jones Jr.

Given the value of the odds, the history and personalities, Roy Jones Jr. could cash at +900 as Silva’s next opponent.