MA Lawmakers Concerned With Sports Betting Credit Card Usage

  • Massachusetts lawmakers are finding it difficult to reach a consensus on sports betting because of credit cards.

BOSTON – Sports betting has been a highly deliberated topic among Massachusetts lawmakers for years now. But as they’re on the precipice of reaching an agreement, it seems one major obstacle holding them back is the usage of credit cards.

Potential Credit Car Abuse

Massachusetts sports betting fans have seen dozens of bills proposed, and then fail to pass in recent years; as conversations continue on how the hobby would be implemented in state-regulated way, the effect of credit card usage on residents has become a major concern.

“The idea that somebody somewhat impulsively could rack up massive credit card bills from their couch who might have an addiction issue or otherwise have a gambling problem – that’s a big concern, and it’s a big concern to our caucus,” said Lesser.

This applies more particularly to mobile sports betting, and the possibility that people with a gambling addiction could end up maxing out several credit cards and burying themselves in debt to feed a mobile sports wagering addiction.

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Surrounded By Sports Betting

A point that has been presented towards that however, is that since Massachusetts is surrounded by other states offering a regulated sports betting market, that Massachusetts residents will simply cross the border to place wagers anyway. If sports betting were regulated and made available to Massachusetts citizens, at least it could be taxed, and that revenue could be earmarked towards betting the community.

“They’re going to just continue going to New Hampshire, continue going to Rhode Island, go to Connecticut or use the offshore books which allow that,” said Jerald Parisella. “We want to give them a product that’s legal, that’s regulated, that provides consumer choice.”

It’s not as if thousands of Massachusetts residents haven’t already been placing sports wagers via online sportsbooks, or by crossing into a state with regulated betting.