Mahomes, Lamar Pitted Together For Week 3 And Season Props

  • Patrick Mahomes is favored to have more combined rushing and passing yards in Week 3 than Lamar Jackson with -175 odds.
  • Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes have +300 odds for either one to win the regular-season MVP.
  • Odds are favoring that either the Chiefs or Ravens make it to the Super Bowl with -130 odds.

BALTIMORE – Week 3’s Monday Night Football matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens has the potential of being one of the best games that the 2020 regular season has to offer.

With a game of this caliber between the defending Super Bowl champions and the reigning regular-season MVP, it is only right that online sportsbooks see different prop bets between the two teams arise.

Starting with the prop bets between the Super Bowl MVP, Patrick Mahomes and the regular season MVP, Lamar Jackson. There are different NFL odds between the two for their Week 3 matchup as well as the regular season.

To Have More Rushing & Passing Yards Week 3 Combined:

  • Patrick Mahomes -175
  • Lamar Jackson +135

Starting with the Week 3 prop, this is one of the more interesting prop bets that there is given the amount of talent that both of these players bring to the table.

Mahomes is the favorite here for a reason but not by much. Not to take anything away from the Ravens at all but the Chiefs just have way more to offer offensively than the Ravens do which will certainly set up Mahomes to gain more scrimmage yards than Jackson.

Will P. Mahomes Or L. Jackson Win Regular Season MVP:

  • No -500
  • Yes +300

Now looking at the regular season prop between the two, it is jaw-dropping that both Mahomes and Jackson are seen as underdogs to walk away as the regular season MVP.

Considering that Jackson was the unanimous MVP in 2019 and Mahomes was fourth in the voting, their odds should definitely be shorter than they are.

As long as both of them follow up their sensational 2019 campaigns, bettors who take the chance on their odds could be met with a nice payout.

Chiefs Vs. Ravens Season Prop Bets

Being that the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens are clearly the two most electrifying teams in the league as of recently, it is only right that there are different NFL prop bets between the two teams.

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Will The Chiefs And Ravens Meet In The AFC Title Game?

  • No -200
  • Yes +150

It is surprising that both teams are not favored to meet in the AFC Championship as these are clearly the top two teams in the conference.

They are far out in front of the rest of the teams in the league and can take down any team in the AFC with ease. That being said, bettors can confidently take the chance that they will meet in the AFC Championship.

Will Chiefs Or Ravens Get To The Super Bowl?

  • Yes -130
  • No -110

NFL sportsbooks have hit the money here with either the Chiefs or Ravens favored to make the Super Bowl.

As mentioned before, they are far ahead of the rest of the teams in the AFC and have proven that during their first two games of the season where they took down AFC teams. Bettors can make easy money here betting on either team to be in the Super Bowl.

Will Chiefs Or Ravens Win Super Bowl?

  • No -350
  • Yes +225

Along with being the top two teams in the AFC, they are also the top two teams in the league and that shows on their Super Bowl odds as they are both tied with the shortest odds to win the Super Bowl (+450).

Betting on either one of them to win the Super Bowl should be a no brainer here as they are both more than capable of doing so.