Manning Favored Over Brady In The Match Prop Bets

  • Peyton Manning is the slight favorite (-130) of having his highlights shown before Tom Brady (-110).
  • Oddsmakers are favoring that the Lombardi Trophy will be seen (-300) during the broadcast.
  • If Brady wears a Buccaneers’ hat (+250), golf bettors will have hit a major underdog bet.

HOBE SOUND, Fla. - Betting lines the charity golf match called “The Match” featuring Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods, and Phil Mickelson on Sunday offers plenty of golf action.

Online sportsbooks have posted prop bets on The Match and a few football bets are surrounding the two superstar quarterbacks that are a part of the event.

Prop Bets for The Match Champions For Charity

The golf matchup will feature Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson versus Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods and all of the proceeds will go to COVID-19 relief funds.

Woods/Manning (-210) are the heavy favorites in the match and Manning looks to have the focus off the course as well.

First player to have football highlights shown

  • Peyton Manning -130
  • Tom Brady -110

However, despite Manning being the favorite, Tom Brady is a very important person in sports right now. There is sure to be a lot of talk about the six-time super bowl winning QB on the broadcast of the event.

Not to mention Brady just signed a $50 million contract that got the entire football world talking. There is little doubt that the new deal will be brought up which would likely be seen with highlights behind the commentators.

Total number of commercials with Peyton Manning during the broadcast?

  • Under 1 ½ Total Commercials -180
  • Over 1 ½ Total Commercials +140

Manning is known for being in multiple commercials. He is a part of now in, as his retirement is still in the entertainment field.

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Showing more than one is commercials is very likely, which is why the odds lean majorly toward the over.

Will a Lombardi Trophy be seen during the broadcast?

  • Yes -300
  • No +200

Quarterbacks with resumes such as Brady and Manning can also do nothing but create an opportunity for commentators to speak on the Lombardi Trophy. Even with the smack talk beforehand, two rivalries coming together only help talk about old times.

While the match at hand is golf, the comparison between these two is a never-ending battle and discussion. A Lombardi Trophy is likely to be seen when talking about their careers; however, the longshot odds on “no” could be worth crossing your fingers for.

Which logo will be on the front of Tom Brady’s hat?

  • TB12 -400
  • Buccaneers +250

While Tompa Bay Tom has shown his desire to trademark products and create a brand, it seems almost inevitable that his clothing line with be shown.

Even with odds at -400, taking a chance may be expensive but his allegiance has yet to be proven with the Bucs.

These are just some of the golf prop bets that are available. Giving many opportunities for golf betting, The Match will begin on Sunday at 3 p.m. EST.