Max Verstappen Heavy Favorite to win Singapore Grand Prix

  • Max Verstappen is the current favorite to win the 2022 Singapore Grand Prix with -250 outright odds.
  • Verstappen has won eight of 16 2022 Grand Prix events and won the 2021 Singapore Grand Prix.
  • Lewis Hamilton has +1400 odds to win the Singapore Grand Prix and has won the race four total times.

SINGAPORE – The 2022 Singapore Grand Prix is kicking off on September 30 and Max Verstappen is currently the outright favorite with -250 odds to win the Formula One event. The Dutch driver put even more credibility on his name in 2021 by winning the Formula One World Championship with +500 odds.

The Singapore Grand Prix is the 17th out of 2022 Formula One races for the 2022 season and Verstappen opened up the season as the favorite to repeat and had -275 odds to still win during the halfway point of the season.

Although he has lost the last two, Verstappen has won eight of the 16 total 2022 Grand Prix races that have taken place this far in the season.

Singapore 2022 Odds

  • Max Verstappen -250
  • Charles Leclerc +400
  • Carlos Sainz Jr +1000
  • Lewis Hamilton +1400
  • Sergio Perez +1600
  • George Russell +1800
  • Lando Norris +20000
  • Fernando Alonso +25000
  • Daniel Ricciardo +50000

With the individual odds for the 2022 Singapore Grand Prix, online betting sites also have prop bets for the race. Verstappen has been so dominant that he has +135 odds to win the race by at least 10 plus seconds.

The second closest racer with odds to hit this mark is Charles Leclerc at +750.

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For any online Auto Racing bettor that does not want to bet all of their bankroll on the outright winner, there are odds for betting on a racer recording a top three finish as well.

Top Three Odds

  • Max Verstappen -400
  • Charles Leclerc -225
  • Lewis Hamilton -110
  • Carlos Sainz Jr EVEN
  • George Russell +125
  • Sergio Perez +225
  • Lando Norris +1600
  • Fernando Alonso +2000
  • Esteban Ocon +2500

There is value in betting on Lew Hamilton’s -110 odds to finish top three, as the British driver has recorded the second-best 2022 Grand Prix top finishes with four total. Hamilton has won the race four total times, with the last being in 2018.

Also, Esteban Ocon’s +2500 top three odds are intriguing, after he showed his ability to pull through when finished first during the 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix

Other Betting Props for the Grand Prix

Fastest Lap & Win Race

  • Max Verstappen +110
  • Charles Leclerc +1100
  • Carlos Sainz Jr +6600

Winning Car

  • Red Bull -250
  • Ferrari +250
  • Mercedes +650

Winning Nationality

  • Dutch -250
  • Monegasque +400
  • British +600