Mayweather’s Ice Is Right Features Over Unders As High As $15M

  • Floyd Mayweather will be featured on another episode of The Ice Is Right where he auctions off his jewelry.
  • Mayweather set his Jacob & Co Billionaire Watch at $15 million and bettors instantly hit the over, moving it to -350 odds.
  • Other watches for Mayweather range in the million and multi-million dollar range, like the projected $2 million Jacob Rainbow Tourbillon Watch.

LAS VEGAS – While the sports world is slowly returning back to normal, online books aren’t done offering their entertainment odds for bettors.

Monday brings forth another episode of Floyd Mayweather’s The Ice Is Right, where expensive jewelry owned by the Moneyman himself is put up for auction. Bettors have a say in this BetOnline exclusive, as an over-under is set for every selling item.

Past auctions have seen some items sell for over their expected value, but all of the items are certainly of luxury.

The first item is a beautiful watch that Mayweather customized at the very start. A retail item of double-digit thousands, adding a few diamonds goes a long way to driving up the value.

Pair of Audemars Royal Oak Piguet

  • Over $1 Million Each -200
  • Under $1 Million Each +150

While the favorite has high juice, those looking for the best Mayweather Ice Is Right odds should consider the Under.

The watch is all factory but he has worn them for over a decade. As an all-diamond watch, the bid is certain to be high, but taking the under $1 million for each of them may be the best play for the odds.

Listed second is another watch but not just any old watch – a Jacob Rainbow Tourbillon. Selling at near a quarter-million dollars, the multiple diamond rows added by Mayweather gives it an easy push higher.

Jacob Rainbow Tourbillon Watch

  • Over $2 Million -120
  • Under $2 Million -120

The under was hit early, but has since floated back to standard. While this watch comes with a high price tag, it wouldn’t be the first item sold from Mayweather over $2 million.

Though the first two items sold at the auction will be beautiful, none are as luxurious as the Hublot for sale at number 3.

With many athletes sporting Hublot watches, the notoriety is well documented with endorsements and event sponsorships. Even Mayweather is sponsored by the company, so that should be evident enough.

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Sporting a crocodile band rather than his typical diamond row, this baguette casing is heavily favored to be over $1 million.

Hublot (1/1 Baguette Casing) Watch

  • Over $1 Million -200
  • Under $1 Million +150

After the first three watches, Mayweather will switch it up before showing off his Jacob & Co Billionaire Watch.

The fourth item is a custom necklace made of GIA certified three karat diamonds. This ornate item runs upward of $5 million on the projected line, but bettors seem happy to take the Under.

As each three-karat diamond can run upward of about $75,000 – give or take depending on cut, color, and clarity – the necklace is expected to easily reach a few million.

Even still, this item isn’t considered the highest bid on the list, as that spot is reserved for Mayweather’s Billionaire watch.

Jacob & Co Billionaire Watch

  • Over $15 Million -350
  • Under $15 Million +225

With heavy juice on the over, this laced wrist device is more than a statement.

It speaks for itself, as the 260-carat emerald-cut watch is more than eye-catching. However, placed on a 19k casing of white gold, it simply can’t be beaten.

Items like these are not only impressive to own, but hard to come by as well. With such an item available for sale, the question remains if Mayweather can recoup his $18 million investment for the timekeeper.

Mayweather’s Ice Is Right will air another episode hosted by Greg Yuna. The entertainment odds will be available on BetOnline’s website and the show can be watched on their Youtube.