MLB MVP Betting Odds Favor Mike Trout, Mookie Betts

  • The MLB season is fast approaching, and Spring Training is in full swing.
  • Mike Trout has +250 odds to win the AL MVP.
  • In the NL, Mookie Betts leads the pack with +700 odds to win the NL MVP.

LAS VEGAS - MLB Spring Training has started, which means baseball bets are already back on the online sportsbooks.

The MVP award is arguably the most coveted individual honor in the sport, and the odds are already out for who will win the 2021 AL and NL MVPs.

The top of the list in the AL is Mike Trout, to nobody’s surprise, while in the NL, Mookie Betts paces the field.

AL MVP Betting

The AL MVP might as well be called the Mike Trout Invitational at this point, as the Angels star is a perennial contender for the award.

Trout has won three AL MVPs in his career, and been in contention for several others, as the widely agreed upon best player in baseball.

His status as such is clear as day when looking at the odds, which have Trout at +250, with nobody else even close.

Odds To Win 2021 American League MVP

  • Mike Trout (LAA) +250
  • Alex Bregman (HOU) +1000
  • Jose Ramirez (CLE) +1200
  • Aaron Judge (NYY) +1200
  • Luis Robert (CWS) +1500
  • Matt Chapman (OAK) +1500
  • Anthony Rendon (LAA) +1500
  • George Springer (TOR) +1500
  • DJ LeMahieu (NYY) +2500
  • Gleyber Torres (NYY) +2500
  • Jose Abreu (CWS) +2500
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr.(TOR) +2500
  • Nelson Cruz (MIN) +3000
  • Xander Bogaerts (BOS) +3000
  • Rafael Devers (BOS) +3000
  • Giancarlo Stanton (NYY) +3000

Alex Bregman of the Houston Astros sits at +1000 odds, but it’s worth noting that Bregman could reasonably be tainted with the stain of the Astros’ famous cheating scandal, Trashgate.

Jose Ramirez of the Cleveland Indians and Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees are next on the list at +200, while there are some intriguing longshots in the form of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. at +2500 and George Springer at +1500.

The problem for all of these contenders is the existence of Trout, whose godlike numbers will be likely to make him a contender for this award no matter how well his team does.

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NL MVP Betting

The NL MVP looks to be a potentially closer race than the AL MVP, as Mike Trout is genuinely one of a kind.

Mookie Betts is about as close as it gets to Trout in terms of offensive production, and beat out Trout for the 2018 AL MVP when he was still with the Boston Red Sox.

Odds To Win 2021 National League MVP

  • Mookie Betts (LA) +700
  • Juan Soto (WSH) +750
  • Fernando Tatis Jr. (SD) +800
  • Cody Bellinger (LAD) +850
  • Ronald Acuña (ATL) +950
  • Nolan Arenado (STL) +1000
  • Francisco Lindor (NYM) +1200
  • Freddie Freeman (ATL) +1200
  • Christian Yelich (MIL) +1500
  • Corey Seager (LAD) +1500
  • Bryce Harper (PHI) +2000
  • Manny Machado (SD) +2000
  • Trevor Story (COL) +2500
  • Anthony Rizzo (CHI) +3000
  • J.T. Realmuto (PHI) +3000

However, unlike in the AL, the competition is fierce for the leader, with Betts’ +700 odds under siege from Juan Soto, Fernando Tatis Jr., Cody Bellinger, Ronald Acuña, and Nolan Arenado.

Each of those five players have odds set at +1000 or below, and all of them make a fairly intriguing top six for the MVP.

It’s worth noting that a given MLB betting fan could take Betts, Soto, Tatis Jr., Bellinger, Acuña and Arenado’s odds, and still be in the money should any of them win.

This is an intriguing offer - players like Francisco Lindor and Freddie Freeman are not seen as serious contenders for the award.

This could, effectively, lock in a minimum of a 14% return should any of the top six players win the NL MVP.

While both of these award races are intriguing, the differences between them are what make them unique betting opportunities.