Morant Vs. Embiid Scoring Props: Who Will Have Bigger Game

  • Joel Embiid has -286 odds and is favored to have the most points in the Memphis Grizzlies vs. Philadelphia 76ers game.
  • Ja Morant sees +250 odds as sportsbooks set Morant’s total points at 26.5 while Embiid’s is set at 32.5.

PHILADELPHIA – The Philadelphia 76ers host the Memphis Grizzlies and MVP Candidates Joel Embiid and Ja Morant faceoff.

Embiid is favored to finish with more points, but the longshot odds on Morant at online sportsbooks could net a larger profit if it hits.

Memphis Grizzlies Vs. Philadelphia 76ers: Most Points Odds

  • Joel Embiid -286
  • Ja Morant +250
  • Tobias Harris +1600
  • Desmond Bane +2000

Embiid’s Scoring Prop

Embiid is averaging 29.1 PPG and is second in the league in scoring. Embiids scoring output has increased in his last 10 outings, jumping to 35.2 PPG.

Sportsbooks expect this scoring output to continue, setting his total points for this outing at 32.5. Interestingly enough, however, the Under is favored for his points in this matchup.

Over/Under-Points Joel Embiid (PHI) Odds

  • Over (32.5) -101
  • Under (32.5) -128

The Memphis Grizzlies have a defensive rating of 108.4 this season and rank 8th in defense in the NBA. Embiids offensive stretch has been against a variety of defenses, however.

Embiid Scoring Vs. Defenses

  • 36 PTS Vs. Sacramento Kings (DRTG 114.5)
  • 26 PTS Vs. Los Angeles Lakers (DRTG 110.3)
  • 42 PTS Vs. New Orleans Pelicans (DRTG 112.9)
  • 40 PTS Vs. Los Angeles Clippers (DRTG 107.8)
  • 50 PTS Vs. Orlando Magic (DRTG 111.8)

The toughest defense Embiid has faced has been the Los Angeles Clippers who rank seventh in the league. But even the Clippers were unable to contain Embiid.

While the Grizzlies defense regularly locks down opponents, they did give up 30 points to Kyle Kuzma when they faced the Washington Wizards, showing that individuals having a hot night can still score on Memphis.

Morant’s Scoring Prop

Ja Morant’s odds at NBA sportsbooks reflects a similar trend of bettors leaning towards the Under, despite his recent scoring output.

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Over/Under – Points Ja Morant (MEM) Odds

  • Over (26.5) -112
  • Under (26.5) -115

Morant is averaging 26.1 PPG on the season but his scoring output has increased to 30 PPG in his last 10 outings.

Ja is on a seven-game stretch of finishing with at least 30 points and even has a recent 41 point game. Morant has also faced tougher defenses on average than Embiid during his scoring stretch.

Morant hung 38 against the Denver Nuggets whose defensive rating is 109.8, 33 against the Milwaukee Bucks whose defensive rating is 109.3, and 30 against the Utah Jazz who have a Defensive Player of the Year candidate in Rudy Gobert.

The 76ers rank ninth in defensive with a defensive rating of 109 but Morant has proven he can score no matter what team is on the other side of the court.

Morant also has closer odds on both ends to finish with the Over despite the Under being favored as opposed to Embiid who sees his Under heavily favored.

Sportsbooks may have set Morant’s scoring totals much lower than Embiid, but Morant has shown he can score with the best of them and his long odds on being the leading scorer in this matchup are not that farfetched.

These scoring juggernauts face one another starting at 7 p.m. EST on NBC and NBA League Pass.