NBA 2K Sim Betting: All-Time Rockets Heavily Favored Over All-Time Warriors

  • The All-time Houston Rockets are 16.5-point favorites over the All-time Golden State Warriors in a sports simulation.
  • The Over/Under for the All-time Rockets-Warriors sim is 237.5.
  • Taking the Houston Rockets to cover the 16.5-point spread comes with +110 odds.

HOUSTON — As NBA 2K simulation games are taking center stage in the betting world, the Houston Rockets all-time team is a 16.5-point favorite over all-time Golden State Warriors on Thursday.

The simulated game will be set as 12 minute quarters with a game on Hall of Fame difficulty.

The Rockets are listed at +110 odds to cover the lengthy spread against an all-time Warriors teams that features a starting lineup of Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, & Wilt Chamberlin.

The Rockets starting lineup features hall of fame center Hakeem Olajuwon, James Harden, and Clyde Drexler.

When comparing the two teams rosters, they seem evenly matched as and some might even give the nod to the Warriors having a better roster from top to bottom.

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Nonetheless, the 16.5-point spread at online sportsbooks for this simulation is giving too many points to the Houston Rockets, which can been seen by the heavy vigorish on the Warriors’ -140 odds to cover the spread.

In the simulation, the two highest-rated players on the court for each team will be Wilt Chamberlin for the Warriors and Hakeem Olajuwon for the Rockets. Expect these hall of fame centers to keep the balance of power in this game in their hands.

Betting on NBA 2K is one of the growing trends in online sports betting. While virtual betting lines have given bettors some action during a break in live sports, bettors can tune into the all-time Houston Rockets vs. the all-time Golden State Warriors.

Tipping off at 8 p.m. EST, visit Twitch to watch the action unfold.