NBA To Launch “Last 90” Virtual Betting Game

  • The NBA will launch a new virtual betting game called Last 90.
  • The game will allow bettors to prop bet on simulated NBA games.
  • The NBA will launch Last 90 during the next NBA season.

NEW YORK – The NBA announced on Wednesday that they will launch a virtual sports betting game.

Some Details Of The Upcoming Game

The name of the virtual game is NBA Last 90. The game will show the last 90 seconds of a simulated NBA game. Fans will have the ability to wager on a number of props during the game. Props include who will score first during the last 90 seconds, who will win the game, and the total points scored.

The NBA is partnering with Highlight Games Limited to bring the NBA Last 90 to life. The company will use the last few NBA seasons to generate the simulation. Then they will use a random number generator to determine the results of the virtual game.

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The NBA’s fantasy department head, Scott Kaufman-Ross, told ESPN European virtual betting sparked this idea.

"In Europe, we're especially excited about using virtual as another way to engage with our fans with alternative content. Especially given the time-zone challenges we have in the region," said Kaufman-Ross. knows generating fan interest is always a priority for sports leagues. Although the NBA was originally against sports gambling, they are now diving right into it. The NBA will be the first big American sports league to create a virtual sports betting contest. NBA Last 90 will launch in the next NBA season for both American and European fans.