Newest Karamba Virtual Sports Betting Options Can Be Played Mobile

  • Virtual sports bets will take the place of real sports bets during the Coronavirus pandemic on the Karamba platform.

NEW YORK - Internet casino platform Karamba will now be offering virtual sports betting for their members to enjoy.

With the lack of regular sporting events due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the casino has decided to capitalize on the drought of real sports betting with their latest addition.

Virtual sports is the closest thing to the actual games at the moment and anyone that’s played Madden 20 or any sports video game can tell you, those animated players look creepily realistic.

Virtual sporting events will have that same creepy realness which is great for all sports bettors missing out on the real stuff.

Virtual Sports Betting Menu With Karamba

A number of pre-scheduled games will be posted for gamblers to choose from that can be viewed by computer or mobile device.

Using technology and what they call the random number generator (RNG) will automatically determine the outcome of the games. With a computer doing all the work, it’s all fair play and there will be no chance of the platform having the ability to “fix” matchups.

The list of virtual sports that will be available for betting includes darts, cycling, soccer, tennis, basketball, motorsports, horse racing, football, and greyhound racing.

Virtual sports betting is the latest creation in the industry that has helped sportsbooks worldwide keep their members stimulated with plenty of wagers during the sports world hiatus.

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The Karamba sports betting platform will allow their users to gamble on any number of their daily virtual sports games.

The outlet can be accessed by mobile devices and computers where sports bettors can log in at any time from most likely the confines of their home because of this pandemic and immediately gamble on the day’s matchups with the click of a few buttons.

Some outcomes are available almost instantly for gamblers after they’ve placed their bets.

To be able to gamble on Karamba’s sports betting platform, members must meet the age requirement of 18.

The company wants to assure its users that all virtual sports betting events are unbiased and completely computer-generated for total fairness and transparency play purposes. No offerings can be corrupted by anyone to change the outcome of a game for the sportsbook’s benefit.

In The End

Karamba and its online casino are sure to expand on their number of members with the addition of virtual sports betting. Until regular sports are allowed to come back after the lockdowns have been lifted, sports bettors can only rely on virtual sports betting to get them over the loss of sporting events.

The move is a smart one on the part of Karamba as they’ve tapped into a market that is very much in play or will be with the state of the world and the pandemic’s effect on sports betting.