Newgioco Trying To Enter DC With Elys Online Sports Betting Platform

  • Washington, D.C. will see the Elys internet sports betting platform available to them by the third quarter of 2020 through sports bar chain, Handle 19.
  • Elys is a newly developed sports gambling product by the Newgioco Group that is ready to be launched in the U.S. once licenses are secured.

WASHINGTONWashington, D.C. will have a new sports betting operator in the Newgioco Group’s internet sports betting platform, Elys.

The gaming company based out of Italy is known for its gambling on sporting event products.

They have specifically developed Elys Gameboard Technologies LLC to enter into the American sports betting industry. As more and more states begin to legalize the pastime, Newgioco wanted a sportsbook that was compatible and on par with other online sports betting platforms that can be found in the nation.

Washington D.C. is currently in the stage of getting their footing for internet and mobile sports betting in the District.

They have an online sports betting platform for bettors to use that has launched but it is affiliated with the D.C. Lottery.

Separate, individually owned sportsbooks are still being awarded licenses and looking for operators to head up their new business ventures.

In Comes Elys

Newgioco has been working on the format for Elys for quite a while, making sure to work out any glitches in the system.

It is now fully operational and ready to be utilized.

They sought out Handle 19 Inc, a sports bar chain wanting to offer Las Vegas-style betting to customers late last year and drew up a partnership.

Elys will serve as Handle 19’s online platform and the sportsbook will use the Elys products to do all business related to the sports betting industry. Handle 19 is located in the Adams Morgan neighborhood, in the Capitol Hill area.

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“After an exhaustive competitive analysis of several betting platform providers, we are very pleased to have selected Newgioco to partner with for our planned sports betting operations,” said Shane August, the owner of Handle 19.

Elys will not only supply their products and services to an internet and mobile platform but to the Handle 19 retail locations as well. The product is already in use with more than 25 different companies in 12 countries.

After licenses are given to Newgioco and Handle 19, the two can launch their combined effort sportsbook in D.C.

When Will It Be?

Newgioco is thrilled to be entering the U.S. market with its Elys product.

However, D.C. is only the beginning of their longterm planned expansion in the United States and across the world.

“As part of a long-term global expansion plan, Newgioco takes in a prudent and strategic approach for launching in new markets and we are executing our plan to enter into the US market in the same manner,” said Michele Ciavarella, CEO of Newgioco.

“Our 20-plus years of regulated sports betting experience has taught us that long-term success in the US market means thorough planning and preparation before taking steps to deploy a product that will work properly in this market. We are thrilled with the progress of the Elys US development program and look forward to launching our platform in the very near future.”

A launch of the sports betting platform in Washington D.C. is expected sometime in the third quarter of 2020 for sports bettors located in the District.