NFL MVP Odds Update: Allen Favored, McCaffrey + Lamar Rising

  • Josh Allen has +400 odds to win the 2023 NFL MVP award after a five-touchdown performance in Week 4.
  • Christian McCaffrey’s +2000 odds are the sixth-shortest to win MVP after a hot start.
  • Lamar Jackson has his shortest MVP odds yet this season at +1000.

NEW YORKJosh Allen emerged as the favorite to win the NFL MVP award after a dominant Week 5 performance. A win over the Miami Dolphins propelled his odds over former-favorite Tua Tagovailoa.

MVP odds at online sportsbooks shuffled the top of the betting board with Christian McCaffrey becoming a legitimate contender. McCaffrey’s +8000 preseason odds are now +2000 to win MVP after Week 4.

2023 NFL MVP Betting Odds

  • Josh Allen +400
  • Tua Tagovailoa +500
  • Patrick Mahomes +550
  • Jalen Hurts +750
  • Lamar Jackson +1000
  • Christian McCaffrey +2000
  • Justin Herbert +2000
  • Brock Purdy +2000

McCaffrey is the third player in NFL history with 600+ scrimmage yards and seven or more touchdowns in the first four games of a season. The other two players are Jim Brown and Emmitt Smith, who both won the MVP in those seasons.

After scoring four touchdowns in Week 4, California sportsbooks are confident McCaffrey can be the first running back to win MVP since Adrian Peterson in 2012.

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Big Week 5 Performances Swing Quarterbacks MVP Odds

A quarterback won the NFL MVP in 10 straight seasons, explaining why quarterbacks make up the top five shortest betting odds. Josh Allen rose to the top of the betting board (+400) with five total touchdowns against the Miami Dolphins in Week 4.

After throwing three interceptions and one touchdown in Week 1, Allen has 10 total touchdowns and one interception in his last three games. Lamar Jackson’s similar turnaround has his MVP odds at +1000.

Jackson had one interception and zero touchdowns in Week 1. He has eight total touchdowns and zero touchdowns since, influencing sportsbooks for the NFL to shorten his MVP odds to +1000.