NFL Preseason Requested Specials offered By Bovada

  • There are +375 odds for the Kansas City Chiefs, the Buffalo Bills, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to all win their divisions.
  • Players can see +450 odds for the Bills, Green Bay Packers, the Baltimore Ravens, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Los Angeles Rams to all make the playoffs.
  • Should the Buccaneers be the number one seed in the NFC and the Bills be the number one seed in the AFC, bettors could see +1400 odds.

LAS VEGAS – Online sportsbooks are hosting requested betting specials that could make your NFL season a little extra fun.

Betting on teams to make the playoffs, win their divisions, or be the number one seed in each conference all see long odds for big payouts.

Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills & Tampa Bay Buccaneers All To Win Their Divisions +375

All three of these teams managed to win their respective divisions last season and bettors can win easy money betting on them to do it again.

The Kansas City Chiefs finished with a 12-5 record, four games up against second in the division Las Vegas Raiders’ 10-7 record.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers dominated their division with a 13-4 record which clear the second team New Orleans Saints 9-8 record.

The Buffalo Bills were the only team to barely win their division with an 11-6 record while the New England Patriots held a 10-7 record and could have won the division had they not lost their last game of the season.

However, the Bills’ improvements during the offseason should make them easily dominate their division. Including signing Super Bowl champion Von Miller who is ranked as a top 100 player in the NFL and is a former Super Bowl MVP.

Each of these teams are the favorite in their respective divisions and also have the shortest odds to win the Super Bowl, showing that sportsbooks and bettors alike think these are the teams to beat.

  • The Bills are -230 favorites to win the AFC East
  • The Chiefs are +175 favorites in the AFC West
  • The Buccaneers are -250 favorites in the NFC South

This betting line should amount to easy +375 returns come playoff time.

To Make The Playoffs: Bills, Packers, Ravens, Eagles & Rams +450

This betting line is another potentially easy payout bet as each of these teams could potentially make the playoffs based on roster and division.

The Bills and the Green Bay Packers are essentially a lock to make the playoffs as they are both Super Bowl favorites in the league. The Bills are the outright favorite and the Packers have Aaron Rodgers, the reigning back-to-back league MVP.

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The Los Angeles Rams are the defending Super Bowl champions and are returning with a bulk of their championship roster and the Philadelphia Eagles made the playoffs last season.

The hard sell for this betting line are the Baltimore Ravens as they missed the playoffs last season. However, this was brought on by injury.

Ravens star QB Lamar Jackson was sidelined with an ankle injury for most of the season. Prior to his injury, the Ravens were leading their division the AFC North.

The AFC North can be exploited by Baltimore this season. The Pittsburgh Steelers will be without Ben Roethlisberger for the first time in nearly 20 seasons as he has retired, putting them in a rebuild.

The Cleveland Browns are also in turmoil as their star QB Deshaun Watson will miss 11 games due to his legal troubles giving the Browns little hope for a winning season.

Their real rivals in the division are the Super Bowl runner-up Cincinnati Bengals who were first in the division last season. The Ravens could make the playoffs as a two-seed.

TB Buccaneers NFC Number 1 Seed, BUF Bills AFC Number 1 Seed +1400

This betting line could potentially be the biggest sure-fired payout this NFL season. Both the Buccaneers and the Bills are the two favorites to win the Super Bowl and are favored to face one another in the Super Bowl.

This shows that sportsbooks and NFL betting fans alike view these teams as the best in the NFC and AFC. If they simply perform to their expectations, both teams could lead their conferences and turn this betting line into a major win.

Neither team were the conference leaders last season, with the Buccaneers finishing second behind the Packers and the Bills finishing third behind the Tennessee Titans and the KC Chiefs.