NFL Quarterback Frenzy: Five QB Wagers For Week One Of The NFL

  • Jameis Winston is favored to be the New Orleans starting quarterback with odds of -175.
  • Jimmy Garoppolo has -700 odds to be the San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback.
  • Drew Lock is the lock to be the Denver Broncos starting quarterback with -175 odds.

LAS VEGAS—With the NFL preseason about to kick-off, there are several teams around the league that have had drama surrounding who their starting quarterbacks are going to be when Week 1 of the regular schedule rolls around.

There are five teams right now that have not decided on who their starting quarterback is going to be including the New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears, and New England Patriots.

With all of this uncertainty, online sportsbooks have odds on who each of these teams starting quarterbacks will be for Week 1 of the 2021-2022 NFL season.

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Odds

New Orleans Saints Starting QB Game 1 Odds

  • Jameis Winston -175
  • Taysom Hill +135

The first quarterback battle begins with the New Orleans Saints as they have yet to decide between Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill. Winston currently has the favored odds because he was a five-year starter with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before signing with the Saints last season. In his last season with the Buccaneers, Winston led the league in passing yards and touchdowns with 5,109 yards and 30 touchdowns.

Those facts shouldn't take anything away from Taysom Hill’s NFL odds though. Hill has been with the Saints for four seasons and has been utilized in different ways on the receiving and rushing end of the game. However, he did start four games for the Saints last season where he led them to a 3-1 record. That alone could be the deciding factor for Sean Payton and his team's future success.

As far as odds go, even though Winston is a proven starter, Payton could make a decision based on the past games that Hill has started for the Saints and name him the starter.

San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Odds

San Francisco 49ers Starting QB Game 1 Odds

  • Jimmy Garoppolo -700
  • Trey Lance +400

The 49ers Week 1 QB odds could be some of the easiest money ever made being that head coach, Kyle Shanahan, publicly named Jimmy Garoppolo as the starting quarterback for the team.

“There’s no open competition right now in terms of getting equal reps with the same group— Jimmy is coming in as the (No.) 1 and Trey is coming in as the 2,” Shanahan said to NBC Sports.

With the preseason about to start, Trey Lance will surely get reps as the QB1 as he is considered the backup QB during the regular season and could make his case for the starting role. With that said, the safe bet here would be on Jimmy G, but those willing to take the risk can do so on Lance for a low-risk high reward wager.

Denver Broncos Quarterback Odds

Denver Broncos Starting QB Game 1 Odds

  • Drew Lock -175
  • Teddy Bridgewater +135

Despite the odds that are out, Teddy Bridgewater has a big leg up on Drew Lock in this quarterback competition. Although Lock was the starting quarterback last season, Bridgewater is the more seasoned quarterback being in the NFL and a starter for much longer so he has history and experience on his side.

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In Lock’s second year as a starter, he had the fifth-lowest QBR amongst any quarterback that started a game in 2020 while Bridgewater finished 17 in terms of QBR’s last season.

It would be a good move on the part of the Broncos to play it smart for this one and at least start Bridgewater to begin the season which should sway bettors towards Bridgewater’s odds for a nice payout.

Chicago Bears Quarterback Odds

Chicago Bears Starting QB Game 1 Odds

  • Andy Dalton -1200
  • Justin Fields +600

Similar to the San Francisco 49ers situation, Chicago bears head coach, Matt Nagy has stated firmly that Andy Dalton will be under center come Week 1 of the season.

“Andy is the starter—Andy’s going to get the one reps,” said Nagy in an interview.

Many can and should be taking the favored odds here because upon signing Dalton, the Bears had already announced that he was their starter, however, Justin Fields could take over sometime during the season since the team traded up in the first round of the draft to snag him.

New England Patriots Quarterback Odds

New England Patriots Starting QB Game 1 Odds

  • Cam Newton -500
  • Mac Jones +300

The New England Patriots situation might seem like they are headed in the direction of Cam Newton starting for them in Week 1, but no one really knows where Bill Belichick’s head is at ever since giving up Tom Brady.

Just recently, Belichick came out to state that Newton would be the starting quarterback, but then circled back around saying that the team would reevaluate the situation later on.

Newton was the Pats starting quarterback for all of last season and had his worst season ever as a starting quarterback. With Mac Jones now entering the fold, he is fresh off of a National Championship win and could be the difference-maker that the Patriots need under center.

Although it may seem that Newton could be the Week 1 starter, no one should be surprised if Jones steps in at the last minute.