NFL Week 15 Betting Slate: Wagers To Avoid This Weekend

  • When betting the NFL point spread, bettors should avoid the Dallas Cowboys, who have gone 3-10 against the spread in 2020.
  • Additionally, bettors should never take the New York Giants over, who have gone under in 10 of their 13 games this season.

LAS VEGAS – NFL bettors are always looking for that next big edge. The golden ticket, that one factor that will send them over the top and into the sports betting history books.

Bettors spend hundreds of hours scouring the statistics, crunching numbers, praying to effigies, and anything else that they believe will result in a win for their money.

Comparatively, not enough time is devoted to the trends and tendencies that bettors should avoid. Instead of worries about which NFL team has the best odds to win, bettors should make sure they are steering clear of some of the least profitable teams in terms of sports betting.

For Week 15 of the NFL season, there are some landmines bets to avoid on the major online sportsbooks.

Fade America’s Team

The Dallas Cowboys had their season effectively ended back in early October when Dak Prescott when down with a season-ending injury. Since then, the ‘Boys have limped to a 4-9 record and have been spurning bettors along the way.

The Cowboys are a league-worst 3-10 against the spread this season, covering just 23.1% of the time.

This weekend, Dallas takes on the San Francisco 49ers, where they are a three-point underdog. Some bettors might be thinking that is a valuable play considering the 49ers' ineptitude as of late.

In fact, the Cowboys are so bad that they were moved from the Sunday Night Football slot in favor of the Green Bay Packers.

Instead of taking the Cowboys, bettors would be better off betting the spread of literally any other team.

The New York Under Giants

The G-men of New York face the Cleveland Browns this Sunday, where the over/under is set at 44.0 points.

With a high powered Browns offense coming to town, some might think that is a low bar to reach for both teams.

Instead, bettors should socially distance themselves from taking the Giants over any time this season. The Giants have hit the over in just three of their 13 games this season, and average only 18.3 points per game.

That is the second worse number in the league behind only their roommates, the winless New York Jets at 14.1 points per game. NFL sportsbooks have a better idea of the Jets, with Gang Green covering in six of their games in 2020.

Overall, betting trends only tell so much of the story. But bettors who are willing to avoid all given data can only be given so much sympathy.