NHL Betting Preview: Islanders vs. Lightning Game 4

  • The New York Islanders are +129 underdogs to level the series against the Tampa Bay Lightning.
  • The Islanders are -210 favorites on the +1.5 puck line.
  • The Lightning have -400 odds to win the series outright.

LAS VEGAS - The New York Islanders have managed to make this a series, at least for now.

The Islanders dropped the first two games of this series to the incredibly talented Tampa Bay Lightning, and all seemed lost.

The Islanders, who relied on a team-oriented defensive style of play, got absolutely blown out in Game 1, allowing eight goals.

In fact, the composition of their team was recognized when Islanders GM Lou Lamoriello won the GM of the year award.

Game 2 was a closer affair, but the talent of the Lightning prevailed, as they won a close one, 2-1.

Game 3, however, the Islanders managed to score some serious goals, more than they had in the first two games combined, as they won 5-3.

Now, in Game 4, the Islanders have a chance to make this a whole new series. The odds, however, are not in their favor.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. New York Islanders

  • Tampa Bay Lightning -143
  • New York Islanders +129

The Islanders are +129 underdogs in Game 4, and it’s a game that they desperately need to win.

On the puck line, the game is equally interesting to NHL bettors.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. New York Islanders

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  • Tampa Bay Lightning -1.5 +180
  • New York Islanders +1.5 -210

When the Islanders get the 1.5 goal puck line handicap, they become serious favorites, representing how close the online sportsbooks think this matchup will be.

The fact that the Islanders even made it here is a testament to the quality of their roster, the moves Lamoriello made, and the coaching of Barry Trotz.

Can this Cinderella story continue?

The odds for this game are a bit rough for the Islanders, but the odds for the series look rougher.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. New York Islanders - Series

  • Tampa Bay Lightning -400
  • New York Islanders +320

The online sportsbooks remain remarkably confident that the Islanders are not going to win this series, regardless of the individual game odds.

Even though the Islanders are +129 in the game itself, they are +320 to win the series as a whole.

It is quite tough to overcome a team like Tampa Bay four times in a row, and NHL bettors seem to recognize that.

This should be a great matchup, however.