No College Basketball Team Below +1000 Odds To Win 2021 Title

  • Gonzaga, Michigan State, and Virginia are co-favorites to win the NCAA Tournament with +1000 odds.
  • The next trio of favorites possess +1200 odds: Kansas, Kentucky, Villanova

SPOKANE, Wash. March Madness is an annual celebration of everything the world loves about sports. There’s heartbreak, triumph, and even Cinderella stories, in what makes up one of the most iconic athletic events in the world.

Unfortunately, March was barren this year as the 2020 NCAA Basketball Tournament was canceled due to concerns over the coronavirus.

Nevertheless, college basketball bettors are already looking to the future.

Right now, very favorable odds are available for the 2021 college basketball national champion.

Currently, every single team has odds of at least +1000 to win the championship. This means that quite literally any team chosen correctly could be a big winner if you have the patience.

Odds to Win 2021 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

  • Gonzaga +1000
  • Michigan State +1000
  • Virginia +1000
  • Kansas +1200
  • Kentucky +1200
  • Villanova +1200
  • Duke +1400
  • Baylor +1400
  • Creighton +1800
  • Michigan +2000
  • North Carolina +2000
  • Texas Tech +2000
  • West Virginia +2000
  • Wisconsin +2000

This year’s college basketball season was a great example of the extreme parity that exists at the D1 level.

Not a single team was undefeated in the final AP poll, which featured mid-majors Dayton, Creighton, and San Diego State in the top ten, joined by five-loss Florida State, six-loss Kentucky, and nine-loss Michigan State.

It is a tremendous feat to be able to pick the champion any given year, but there might be some pick worth further investigation.

While the tournament appears to favor chaos, it is actually the historic ‘blue bloods’ that have dominated as national champions in recent history.

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Counting Villanova as a blue blood here, you would have to go back to the Florida Gators back-to-back championships in 06 and 07 to find a non-historically great champion.

Even counting those years, the major history of tournament championships rests practically within 10 schools.

In short, with all these 2021 NCAA Tournament odds going for cheap, the best bet would be to side with history and pick a handful of historic programs to make it out on top.

Some of these blue bloods going for cheap include Kentucky (+1200), Villanova (+1200), Duke (+1400), North Carolina (+2000), Louisville (+2500), and UConn (+4000).

Even if a bettor was to bet on all of them at online betting sites, creating a strong base of increased futures odds before the tournament begins is never a bad idea.

Putting a unit of each of these blue bloods, give bettors seven to 35 units of profit to play with come tournament time. Whether that bettor wants to let it ride or even double down, their bets will likely be easy to hedge as well.

As these teams seem to always make the tournament, betting against them once the Tournament begins is an easy card to pull out.

While the NCAA Tournament is still well over half a year away, locking in longshot odds on March Madness favorites is a wise investment.