Nuggets Open As Early Favorites For 2023-24 NBA Championship

  • The Denver Nuggets are favored to win the 2023-24 NBA Championship with +450 odds.
  • There are +2000 odds on the Miami Heat to win the NBA Finals.
  • The Boston Celtics have +550 odds to win the NBA title.

DENVER – The 2022-23 NBA season has come to an end with the Denver Nuggets not only making their first appearance in the NBA Finals, but winning their first title in franchise history too. The NBA Finals odds for the 2023-24 season opened with the Nuggets favored to repeat as NBA Champions.

2024 NBA Finals Odds

  • Denver Nuggets +450
  • Boston Celtics +550
  • Milwaukee Bucks +650
  • Phoenix Suns +900
  • Los Angeles Lakers +1100
  • Golden State Warriors +1200
  • Dallas Mavericks +1400
  • Los Angeles Clippers +1400
  • Philadelphia 76ers +1400
  • Memphis Grizzlies +1800
  • Miami Heat +2000
  • Cleveland Cavaliers +2200

The Nuggets likely won’t change anything up next season and will run it back with the roster they have which is why online sportsbooks are so high on them.

They finished 12th in the league in total ppg at 115.8 and were 8th in points allowed per game at 112.5. Their postseason finals run was also a remarkable one as they led the league in point differential winning their games by +8.2 points. That said, all signs are pointing toward a repeat.

Looking at the runner-up, Miami Heat, it seems that NBA sportsbooks online haven’t learned their lesson and are continuing to count Miami out.

Miami had the number two defense in the regular season and the number six defense in the postseason. They also proved that once the playoffs begin, every team is at a 0-0 slate becoming just the second eighth seed to ever make the NBA Finals.

The Heat are in the rumor mill to land another superstar in the offseason and recently, Damian Lillard made it known that Miami was his top choice. Other than the Portland Trail Blazers, the Miami Heat are favored to land Lillard in the offseason with +375 odds.

Western Conference Contenders

Following the Denver Nuggets, the Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Lakers, and Golden Warriors are the only other teams in the Western Conference with odds under +1400.

While the Suns, on paper, could win an NBA title, there are several questions that need to be answered before their odds can be taken seriously. First is what they are going to do with Chris Paul.

The team was originally going to waive him, now they are looking for a trade partner. All in all, it seems he’s out the door in Phoenix.

Secondly, this could finally be the offseason that the Suns and Deandre Ayton part ways as the two haven’t seen eye to eye in the last two seasons. If both Paul and Ayton depart from Phoenix, the mountain for Kevin Durant and Devin Booker could be too steep to climb.

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The Lakers are an eye opening team to watch as they’ll always attract free agents and finally got things rolling in the second half of last season which led to an appearance in the Western Conference Finals. If they continue to build on that momentum, their current odds could prove to be beneficial.

Moving on to Golden State, their downfall is coming and no one should wait around to see if it’s a hoax. It's close to a sure thing that either Draymond Green or Jordan Poole will be off the team next season, there have been rumors that Steve Kerr could be out and on to a new team, and general manager, Bob Myers stepped down from his position.

Eastern Conference Contenders

In the Eastern Conference, only three other teams sit in front of Miami under +2000 odds in the Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics, and Milwaukee Bucks. Both the Celtics and Bucks though have the second and third shortest odds to win.

The Celtics, are coming off of their toughest loss in recent seasons having lost Game 7 of the ECF after being down 0-3. With that, the Celtics have some internal questions that they need to answer before anyone could take their finals odds. First is what they are going to do with Joe Mazzulla and if he’ll remain their head coach.

Jaylen Brown has also been a name thrown around in the trade market as many consider him a number one option in any other situation.

Milwaukee might have the best shot of any of these teams considering most of their roster from their title two seasons ago is still in place. They did hire a new head coach though, Adrian Griffi,n which could play a role against them, as only 14 first-year head coaches have won an NBA title.

The 76ers have tons of questions surrounding their season as well. Not only did they fire Doc Rivers and hire Nick Nurse as their next head coach, but James Harden has been hinting that he is all in for a return to the Houston Rockets after he declined his player option to remain with the team.