Odds For The 5 Tournament Favor The Texas 5, Chicago 5

  • The Texas 5 is favored to win the tournament with +150 odds.
  • The Chicago and Sacramento 5 both have +400 odds while the Miami 5 has +450 odds.

LAS VEGAS – For those bettors that are looking to get their basketball betting practice before the NBA Bubble begins, The 5 Tournament is already accepting bets.

With the tournament beginning earlier in the week, some insight has been given into who will win The 5 Tournament.

Online sportsbooks have odds listed for the six, as the Texas 5 is currently the favorite to win.

The 5 Tournament Odds

  • Texas 5 +150
  • Chicago 5 +400
  • Sacramento 5 +400
  • Miami 5 +450
  • Toronto +1200
  • New York 5 +2000

The Texas 5 are the favorites being that they have probably the most talented player in the tournament on their team in Joe Johnson who is still getting looks from NBA teams. Along with Johnson, however, there are other NBA caliber talents such as James White and Josh Powell.

Texas is currently coming off of their first win in the tournament against Miami.

Texas was also the highest-scoring team out of all the teams that played on Sunday. With their hot start and talented roster, bettors should be comfortable betting on the Texas 5 by all means.

The +400 Club

Both the Chicago 5 and Sacramento 5 are second on the odds boards for a reason.

They are both loaded with talent, as Chicago is led by Nate Robinson who has stayed active playing in the Big 3 league. They also have great role players such as Will Bynum and Eddy Curry.

Chicago is coming off of their first game with a win as well as they had an 11-point victory over the New York 5. They held New York to just 64 points, which is the lowest score amongst any team that played on Sunday.

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As for Sacramento, they are also led by NBA talents such as Mike Bibby, who at one point in his career averaged 21 ppg, Amir Johnson, who last played in the NBA last year as well as role players like Jermaine Taylor and Dahntay Jones.

With the amount of talent here it is easy to see why their basketball odds are that short.

Sacramento is coming off of a win as well in their first game, as they put up 82 points (tied for the second-most points in the opening slate of games).

Both Sacramento and Chicago clearly have the talent to be able to make a run here and with their odds where they are, bettors can take advantage of the large payout that comes with them.

Miami 5

The Miami 5 should be looked at as a dark horse team to win it all.

They are led by Mario Chalmers and Carlos Arroyo. Chalmers alone could be the X-factor on this team, as he served as the starting point guard for the Miami Heat during the Big 3 era and won two championships during his tenure.

Miami is coming off of a loss, however, during their first outing of The 5 Tournament, they did manage to put up 82 points. There is no question that this team knows how to score but they need to be able to put it to use against the elite teams.

Bettors willing to take the risk here would not be upset with the huge payout that would come with it.